Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music Box: Duffy vs. Weller

With concert tickets in hand for the upcoming Paul Weller show and feelers out for the Duffy on, it wasn't hard for me to shell out my $9.25 for the new issue of Q magazine with my two faves on the cover together. (There's also a BRILLIANT piece on the history and making of The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl classic "Fairytale of New York" that is a must-read.) While the cover photo hints at what's to come, I'm still thinking if a picture's worth a thousand words then there must be some serious outtakes somewhere that we're not seeing. Now I'm not saying Duffy's a fool, but Weller sure didn't suffer her very kindly in this tag-team interview. The poor, defenseless Welsh girl! And I say girl because of my absolute horror when I realized that not only was she born two years after The Jam disbanded, her first "memory" of Paul was listening to "You Do Something to Me" in a friend's car -- a song from his THIRD solo album (I'm still getting used to The Style Council being done ...) that she didn't even hear until she was in college (ouch!). But if you're a Weller fan, you won't want to miss his razor sharp tongue in action:

Duffy: (When asked about having a '60 influence) "... I never sat down with that in mind. I've just got to take it on the chin. Y'know, I am Dusty Springfield and, yes, I made a '60s record.
Weller: You don't sound anything like Dusty. (Pause) No offense.
Duffy: Well ... (flush of uncertainty), it's not my intention.
Weller: Just cos your name begins with a D and ends in a Y. They're just getting the three letters in between mixed up, that's all.
Duffy: I know. And I talk to people in all different countries and they're like, "You made a Dusty Springfield record." And it takes it toll, y'know?

Not nearly as much as this interview, I'm guessing. (More like The Bitch Council -- meow!)

Nonetheless, I still love my Duffy (I think Paul does too if you read between the lines). Her new single is the charmingly low-key "Stepping Stone," which you can watch below. Now I gotta get back to finding those concert tickets ...

'Take it all or leave me alone, I will never be your stepping stone ...'

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Anonymous said...

Yes I think Paul likes Duffy a little bit as well ... no doubt was a bit miffed because she got better reviews than him when they did the Albert Hall charity gig .... but now they're supposedly both working on a film soundtrack

Anonymous said...

I hear Duffy's gonna be at Webster Hall October 22nd!