Wednesday, January 31, 2024

He Ain't Heavy

Had a jam-packed weekend with my brother Terence, who came up for a visit from Frederick, Md. On Friday we caught up over beers at the Emerald Inn, which would be my local Irish pub -- replacing Peter McManus in Chelsea -- if not for an unfortunately placed bathroom that frequently makes the bar area unbearable. (WTF?) 

On Saturday we walked to our local theater, the Beacon, to see comedian Mark Normand. Damian and I happened to see him in November as part of a benefit for the National Coalition Against Censorship and thought he was pretty funny for a non-female, non-gay stand-up. It turned out my brother was a fan, so we snagged the last three tickets on the final night of his sold-out run.

And then on Sunday we caught the matinee of "Aristocrats" at the Irish Repertory Theatre. I'm not very knowledgeable about theater -- I did see "The Aristocats" when I was child! -- but the show is part of a three-play series of works by Brian Friel (1929-2015), who has been likened to an "Irish Chekhov." 

While I don't know much about Chekhov either -- Woody Allen's "September" was modeled on Chekhov's play "Uncle Vanyabeen" (1899), so by the transitive property I guess you could say I'm on it -- I do know dysfunctional Irish families quite well, and thoroughly enjoyed this modest production -- which was helped by the fact that Casimir (Tom Holcomb) and Willie (Shane McNaughton) were most easy on the eyes, and Alice (Sarah Street) was a scene-stealer as the family alcoholic. 

So great to see my brother. And there's nothing like an out-of-towner to make you take full advantage of this fair city of ours! xo 

Remains of the Day (01/31)

The Messenger: An oral history of the 1999 gay rom-com "Trick," with a stage musical adaptation in the works -- and why that sequel never came to fruition 

Hot Cat of the Day: This little cutie in the L.A. area needs a home! Info HERE.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The Second Coming of 'Adam & Steve'

Some exciting news for fans of "Adam and Steve," Craig Chester's modern-gay classic: The writer/actor has penned a sequel -- just shy of 20(!) years later -- that is being workshopped for potential investors.

Craig tells me he's "getting the band back together," after posting the following message: 
A year ago, Malcolm Gets called me and said ‘let’s make the sequel to “Adam & Steve”.  We started talking about what it’s like to be over fifty-five and how it’s not exactly what we thought it would be like - to say the least. 

I wrote the script and started workshopping it in Palm Springs and then, last night, did a reading in NYC to investors with an incredible, hysterically funny group of actors, including Malcolm and @chriskattanofficial and @carycurran, reprising their roles -- hard to describe what that was like but fair to say we may still be damaged goods, but we’re still goods none the less.

I'm tickled by the news, which is ironically more salient given that Damian and I -- for reasons that are largely unclear to either of us -- recently started watching the entire run of "Caroline in the City." (We also completed "Suddenly Susan," another show we never watched contemporaneously.) For those who don't recall, the 1995-99 sitcom was ostensibly a vehicle for Lea Thompson, who played the titular cartoonish Caroline Duffy. But from the two seasons we've seen so far, it's really about Malcom Gets's not-quite-starving-artist Richard, around whom all plots seem to revolve. Though hardly top-drawer material, Gets is a highlight. And while it's Eric Lutes, who plays Del Cassidy, who brings the beef to the show, every so often Gets breaks free from his '90s fashions to reveal his shockingly fit body! 

Here's hoping this project gets off the ground. After being cockteased with "Trick 2: Electric Boogaloo," I don't think I could handle another sequel interruptus

Sadly, I'm hearing Parker Posey is a no-go.

Tennis Tuesday


For new dad Robert Farah, it can't be easy playing peek-a-boo with an ass THAT BIG.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Remains of the Day (01/26)


Speedo SundayBodacious in blue

Hot Cat of the Day: Retirement goals

Read an oral history of the short-lived series "Looking," which I still blame all the negative nellies out there for getting canceled. I don't have any use for MANY popular LGBT things, but you don't hear me bitching about them 24 hours a day. Still not sure why people who didn't like it couldn't just leave the show to those of us who did. (Piling on mainstream things is different.) 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Russell Leung Awarded ACES Bill Walsh Scholarship for 2024

Thrilled to announce that Russell Leung, a student at Northwestern University. has been selected winner of the 2024 editing scholarship named after my brother Bill.

Many thanks to everyone at ACES: The Society for Editing for helping maintain this wonderful tribute to our beloved Billy. Every day is a still a struggle, but things like this do help make the painful reality a little more tolerable. xo

Read the news release BELOW.

Social Misfit

According to a recent article I read in The Wall Street Journal, "blog audiences migrated to social media in the 2010s." (Ouch.) 

How do I put this tactfully? I am a bit old-school, as are many of my readers. (I've heard from many of you who also lament the death of the daily email Google used to provide of my site.) But if you'd like to see me at least attempt to enter the 2010s, feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM or THREADS!

As thanks, you have my word that I will never start a podcast.

Remains of the Day (01/24)

"Love Connection": OK, what's the catch with this hunky catch

Wrestle Wednesday: Large and in charge

The OnionWhite girls explain why they love Stanley Cups: “I don’t know, but ever since I caught Dad wrestling with Mom’s sister, he won’t stop buying me them.”

PitchforkFrank Farian, man behind Boney M. and Milli Vanilli, dead at 82 ... BTW: We finally watched that "Milli Vanilli" documentary and as excellent as it was, hard to believe that it couldn't answer the million-dollar question of whether the guys were willing participants in the fraud from the get

Hot Cat Dad of the Day: Bravo to Buffalo Bills placekicker Tyler Bass for getting the word out that violence against our furry friends is sickening and completely unacceptable -- and to the organization he represents for supporting him as well!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Billboard Dance Chart for Jan. 15, 1983: Get Up and Do Your Thing

Looking at the past through rose-colored glasses might not always be fair. 

But there's no doubt that popular music -- where a pre-Top 40-fame Thompson Twins, Patrick Cowley, Sylvester, Weather Girls and an unknown chick from Detroit co-mingled with the likes of Prince, Marvin Gaye, Grace Jones and Hall & Oates -- used to be insanely good. 

BTW: I didn't even mention Indeep's "Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life," which may just be the best song the week. That might explain why it's been sampled a million times since! 

Tennis Tuesday

Did anyone catch Andrey Rublev's fitness coach, Marcos Borderias, "adjust" himself Down Under? See for yourself BELOW.


Monday, January 22, 2024

Remains of the Day (01/22)

Clothing Optional: How do you sleep?

Ball BoysI'm a Laver not a fighter (podcast)

Hot Cat of the Day: Add "Klute" to my list of films that I should have seen ages ago but finally watched! Jane Fonda was magnificent, of course, with Damian pointing out that "people don't speak like that anymore." (Sadly, how right he is.) Bonus points for the cat not getting harmed, which far too many films and television shows make light of. 

We also watched Bette Davis's legendary "Now, Voyager" (makeover heaven!) -- as well as four decent gay films: "Like You Mean It" (Bergman meets Boystown), "My Fake Boyfriend" (sexy and farcical), "The Pass" (Russell Tovey is hot as a closeted footballer, even if the sum of the parts is greater than the whole) and "Goodbye Seventies" (carefree turns deadly serious ), which was written and directed by Todd Verow whose latest, "You Can't Stay Here," is making its way across the country now! 

More info HERE.