Sunday, May 31, 2015

RIP: Doris Hart Is Dead at 89

Many accolades online for this great champion, including memories from Chris Evert, who got to hit with her early in her career. Was surprised to learn Doris won three Wimbledon finals in the same day, that she was one of only two people to beat Little Mo in a Grand Slam tournament and that she is one of only three women (Margaret Court and Martina Navratilova are the others) to have won singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles in each of the four Grand Slam tournaments, known as a career boxed set.. Read her NY Times obit HERE.

On the Rag, Vol. 357

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Frontiers (L.A.): Adam Lambert covers the pride guide / Read HERE.

And guess who's marching in L.A.'s upcoming parade? Yours truly! 

Get Out! Meet Emperor Gary Cosgrove of the Imperial Court of New York HERE.

Next: The deliciously queer world of photographer Ames Bexxx / Read HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Last fall, Rabbi Gil Steinlauf of Adas Israel Synagogue sent an email to his congregation. He told them he was gay. (And it was good.) / Read HERE.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kathy Valentine Rocks Like an Egyptian at the Troubadour in L.A.!

When the Go-Go's unceremoniously fired Kathy Valentine, the first think I said to my friend Mark was: The Bangles should hire her. Well, I don't think it's a permanent arrangement, but I'm guessing even former bassist Michael Steele would give this her blessing!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Stonewall Inn to Be Considered for Landmark Status

Following a year-and-a-half campaign, the New York City Landmarks Commission will be considering the Stonewall Inn -- birthplace of the gay-rights movement -- for designation. If approved, it would be the city's first-ever designated LGBT landmark. Read HERE.

The Daily Grindr

   Send yours HERE.

Chelsea's G Lounge Set to Renew Lease -- Source

Well, finally some good news from the gayborhood: A source close to the situation tells me G Lounge -- one of Chelsea's few remaining gay clubs -- is set to re-up its lease. The bar -- which signed a confident 20-year lease when it opened back in 1996 -- has remained consistently popular as Splash, Rawhide, The Break, Champs, View Bar and others faded away. This is news I like reporting -- and I don't mind eating crow on this one!

Renée Is French for 'Reborn'

The Woman Who Paved the Way for Men to Become Women 

 Forty years before Bruce Jenner announced his intent to transition, another star athlete made the same decision against the backdrop of a much less understanding world. His name was Richard Raskind; now it's Renée Richards. Here, a rare interview with the quiet trailblazer whose struggle laid the groundwork for Jenner, Transparent, and the transgender community's historic moment

 Revealing interview with Dr. Renee Richards by GQ's editor at large, Michael Hainey, whose memoir I read a couple years ago. Although he -- and, oddly, Renee -- seems to gloss over the fact that much like Bruce Jenner, Richard Raskind married and fathered a child after having nearly completely transitioning, there are some great moments here, including Dr. Richards' thoughts on the re-branding of "transsexualism," parents who transition and new details about the tennis champ's post-surgery love life. Read HERE.

East of Eighth

 Some more bad news from Chelsea. I noticed Rufskin, which only opened its New York flagship two years ago, is abandoning its 19th Street shop. 

The signs says they are "moving to L.A.," but it definitely seems to be related to the never-ending degayification of the neighborhood

Two doors down I see the gay men's clothing store Behaviour is also closing up shop. 

Not sure if the second location, on Ninth Avenue, is affected by the decision.

And finally, the former home of the adult shop Unicorn on 22nd Street has an entirely new look -- with a glass facade and no cum on the walls. Any takers?

Song of the Day: 'She's Not Me' by Jenny Lewis

The Rilo Kiley singer goes back to her child-actress roots.

Morning Wood

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tales From the Shitty

UPDATE: So on top of everything else, it turns our Ian Reisner -- who always struck as the worse of the two -- DID make a campaign donation TO Ted Cruz. The excuses are flying -- blah, blah, blah Israel -- but the guy's total scum.

Boy Culture isn't a fan of Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass and neither is the legendary Armistead Maupin. I'm not a beach person, but from what some of my friends say, Fire Island was hopping this past weekend -- and it wasn't even warm out. Only time will tell if all this well-deserved negative publicity will have an effect on either of them. From what I've read, though, Reisner (at least) appears to be basking in the "spotlight." The general public only seems to have so much energy for boycotts and outrage. For my money, I'd like to see us rally to run Ken Mehlman out of the country. He's the one who really sticks in my craw.

Down-Low Lawyer's Killer Pleads Guilty, as Does Her Gal Pal

The Daily Mail reports that Jamyra Gallmon, 21 (bottom left), and her girlfriend, Dominique Johnson, 19 (bottom right), pleaded guilty to charges in the murder of David Messerschmitt (top left with his wife), who was killed in the Donovan hotel in Washington, D.C., in February. The married lawyer had gone there after Gallmon responded to his Craigslist ad soliciting for gay sex. She pretended to be a man, with the intention of robbing him. On Thursday, Gallmon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder while armed. Johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery connected to murder. The Washington Post reports that by accepting the guilty plea, prosecutors ensured that details of Messerschmitt's life would be kept confidential. Prosecutors also agreed not to add any additional charges to Gallmon and Johnson. While not a part of the murder, Fulton said Johnson “knew of the deceitful email correspondence” with Messerschmitt.The women will be sentenced in August.

Well, at least his family was spared a trial. Disheartening to learn that the killer turned out to be a lesbian -- and that her partner was also implicated in the heinous crime.

Read WaPo's full (gruesome) story HERE.

Young Guns Go for It

Future Bel Ami star Borna Coric upset No.18 seed Tommy Robredo, 7-5, 3-6, 6-2, 4-6, 6-4, this afternoon in Paris to book his first third-round Grand Slam appearance!

The Chace Is On

I was just thinking about this guy the other day when I came across a sexy blog post I'd done about him ages ago. I guess this answers my question as to how he's looking these days. The former "Gossip Girl" star is slated to make his return to television this fall opposite Don Johnson in "Oil," about a modern-day oil boom in North Dakota.

Remembering Gilda Radner, 26 Years After Her Death

  I know I'm not the only person who adored Gilda Radner. Still, it's always heartening -- almost spooky, really -- to read another person's account of their affection for the late actress/comedian, as the parallels are almost always there. What was it about her that made boys and men, gay and straight, want to be around her, protect her and love her? Scott Michaels, who runs the incredible Find-a-Death site, does as good a job as I've seen explaining it -- tissues required. Read HERE.

Police Called Over Ice Cream Cone's Paltry Sprinkle Count

Michigan is obviously feeling a little jealous of all the attention Florida and Arizona are getting. First Waffleirongate, and now this.

New York magazine reports:
After receiving an ice-cream cone with not enough sprinkles over the weekend, a woman in Michigan decided to take matters into her own hands — literally — by screaming at a store clerk and attempting to punch the friend trying to calm her down. The unnamed woman entered a local gas station on Saturday and ordered an ice-cream cone. When the clerk put too few sprinkles on it, she began to throw a tantrum. "The clerk called police because the customer was upset because she didn't have enough sprinkles," the Mason County Sheriff told M Life. Her male companion attempted to calm her down, but she began trying to hit him. The two eventually left the store, but the clerk called the police with their license-plate number. They'd already left the area before the cops arrived, though, so no charges were pressed. 

BEC's All Breakfast Sandwiches, and a Little Bit of a Ripoff -- UPDATE

UPDATE: With all credit to the owner, the iced coffee was fixed to have an actual large size and the price was lowered by a dollar. I have been back several times.

Tried the highly anticipated all-egg-sandwich joint -- BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) -- that just opened in the former home of Cola's on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea twice this past week. The place is incredibly charming -- check out the milk bottles that line the front counter and the country accents throughout -- and the food is good. 

Went for the BEC Classic the first time -- to me a classic New York breakfast sandwich is ham, egg and cheese (HEC), but OK -- and then had the Godmother with all of its Italian meat goodness on trip two. Both were tasty, if not spectacular, but $32.12 for two small egg sandwiches and two coffees (I had a date) might not be a regular thing. At that price, it might be nice to accompany them with mixed greens or something to make it more of a meal. I was still hungry and the iced coffee -- not latte -- was a whopping $5.50. It's called a "large," but it's served in a plastic cup that is a "regular" or "medium" at every other store in the city. And while I'm sure they'd argue it's "cold brew," I found it to be borderline offensive. (Five-fifty for an iced coffee???) Note to owner Jessica Bologna: Drop the price a buck and I'll be back. Otherwise, I can have an egg scramble and a bottomless hot coffee at Westville around the corner for the same price.

Cockney Teas

Lovely to see Tea & Sympathy owners Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett and Nicky Perry got photographed for Vanity Fair's Cadbury wars piece. (Read HERE.) 

Although I love to visit the Greenwich Avenue cafe, finding out I can order the Cottage Pie via Seamless hijacked any plan I had to eat healthy this year! 

Police Said Alcohol Is Believed to Have Been a Factor

I'll remember this next time Larry asks to go canoeing.

WLS reports:
A 46-year-old man drowned trying to save his cat after the canoe they were in capsized near far north suburban Antioch, investigators said. The man was in a canoe on West Loon Lake with another man, a woman and a cat in unincorporated Antioch Township on Sunday. The Lake County Sheriff's Office said the cat went into the water just after 7:45 p.m. A man jumped in to try and save his pet, causing the canoe to capsize. The other two people fell into the water. They were both rescued. The man who went in after his cat never resurfaced. Divers found his body just after midnight, officials said. His name has not been released. The sheriff's office and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources are investigating.
Some good news, though. The cat survived.

Song of the Day: 'Man Overboard' by Blondie

Play while reading the next story on my blog today ...