Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rocket Man 2, Crazy Donald 0

But at least he pulled out of the nuclear agreement with Iran -- for honoring it.

Hostile Work Environment

Colleague: Where you going? 

 Me (holding bag): Gym downstairs 

 Him: I didn’t know you used the company gym -- or any gym, for that matter 

 Me: Thanks

Remains of the Day (02/28)

I guess the only silver lining is maybe the thief loved the critter so much he thought he could give Luna a better life than that of a working cat ...


'The Other Two' ... Plus One

Pleasantly surprised to discover "The Other Two" on Comedy Central, which I can only describe as the love child of "The Comeback" and "Barely Famous" -- two of my favorite shows of the 21st century. Drew Tarver and Helene Yorke are brilliantly understated as Cary (a struggling gay actor) and Brooke Dubek (a onetime aspiring dancer), the perpetually humiliated older siblings of a newly minted YouTube sensation turned superstar, Chase Cubek -- stage name ChaseDreams.  

Molly Shannon is adorable as Pat Dubek, the ever egalitarian mother who tries to give her fledgling off-spring as much love and attention as Chase, who also has an opportunistic manager named Street (played by Ken Marino). The series was created by openly gay Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who previously served as head writers on “Saturday Night Live.” They are also the show's executive producers.

And if the premise hasn't roped you in yet, the show's explicit gay content might. Cary's sexually confused roommate -- Matt, played by the incredibly hot Andrew Ridings -- is reason enough to tune in. More proof HERE.

P.S. But unlike "The Comeback," we won't have to wait nine years for more as it's already been renewed for a second season!

Song of the Day: 'Soul Drifter' by Lindsey Buckingham

Have been wondering how Lindsey Buckingham's recovery has been going -- then had dinner with a friend who encouraged me to check out the ex-Fleetwood Mac member's 1992 solo effort, "Out of the Cradle." The album bombed -- it peaked at No. 128 on the Billboard 200 -- but I was not given incorrect information. Was hard to pick just one song to feature, but this one definitely gets the point across. Hard to see how this wasn't a smash.

Page 1 Roundup (02/28)

Morning Wood

This one's a GROWING BOY.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Remains of the Day (02/27)

NPR: Two black women are headed for runoff in Chicago's mayor race

Medium: The lies and money behind the Oakland County child killings case

The Randy Report: Cute gay couple used in odd toilet-paper ad

POZ: 5-year decline in U.S. HIV infection rate stalled from 2013 to 2016

The Daily News: Michael Cohen testifies that Trump thinks Don Jr. has "the worst judgement of anyone in the world"

Politico: Michael Cohen testifies that Trump was told of WikiLeaks' Democratic email dump

Inside Tennis: Despite what we heard yesterday, apparently the Justin Gimelstob drama is not over yet -- although it sounds like it's heading to a no contest plea (with no jail time) for him 

Washington Blade: European Parliament passes historic intersex rights resolution 

BosGuy: Horny Max and his giant, um, "pickle"

Baseline: Watch Sloane Stephens and Alexander Zverev zip line in Acapulco

Instinct: British TV actor Ryan Sampson came out and introduced the world to his boyfriend

OMG Blog: "Black Panther" and "Fantastic Four" star Michael B. Jordan bares all

Hot Cat of the Day: Cool as a cucumber (that he would be totally freaked out by)

Madison Avenue Scores Again!

These ad guys sure KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING -- because I’m buying whatever he’s selling ...

UPDATE: Found out everything you know about this guy HERE.

Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress

I'm awfully glad the American public is finally hearing from someone inside Trump's inner circle what the failed businessman is really about. But between the Republican grandstanding and Michael Cohen's own disgustingness, I have no desire to actually listen to it. Will this be the first stop on the long journey toward getting GOP senators to finally face what really needs to be done? Only time will tell. But it sure is idiotic for Trump hangers-on to dismiss Cohen's credibility for being a "convicted felon." That's his status due to a) confessing everything and b) having committed crimes on behest of ... Trump.


My colleague got the giggles after hearing Cohen mention a Trump associate named Matthew Calamari -- and it's even funnier when you read where Trump dug this guy up! 

Wrestle Wednesday

Oh, boy. You know you're really something when you can bump Italian FABIO PARISI to the jump page. 

Song of the Day: 'Human Child' by Belly

This was already Song of the Day last May when the album first came out. But now bassist Gail Greenwood has teamed up with Chil Mott to create a video of lots of great old and new clips to go along with the standout track from "Dove."

Page 1 Roundup (02/27)

Vintage Everyday: 23 hot dudes with mustaches

The Washington Post: Has Ellen Page weighed in yet?

Morning Wood

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Jan-Michael Gambill Joins the Tennis Channel -- UPDATE

Thought I recognized that voice during the Tiafoe-Thompson match in Acapulco -- it's everyone's favorite out-adjacent* former tennis player. What a great addition to the team!

*It means you've never come out in a way that would be of help to other gay athletes or children but you do post your big gay life on social media.

Colleague Steve Weissman was quick to post this!


How much you want to bet Jan-Michael is Justin Gimelstob's replacement? 


I'm not sure what is going on, but Tennis Life is reporting that the case was postponed again -- and Gimelstob tweeted that he had not entered into any settlement discussions that would require an admission of guilt. Read HERE.

Nailed It

It's been awhile! (With thanks to Thomas.) 

Remains of the Day (02/26)

PinkNews: Director Rob Cohen accused of sexual assault by trans daughter, an allegation he unequivocally denies

PBS: Michael Cohen to describe Trump's "lies, racism and cheating" during congressional testimony

Instagram: Proof that I'm all about identity politics

The Guardian: Mark Hollis: reluctant pop star who redefined rock

Sun-Sentinel: Ariana Grande returning to Manchester for Pride concert two years after bombing 

Towleroad: Once again, a GOP lawmaker only rises to the occasion -- and just barely -- when it directly affects his brood

Boy Culture: Helix star Joey Mills has written a book based on his pre-porn life

Hot Sluts of the Day: The demonic "after these messages" Saturday morning singers

NBC News: Kudos to trans activists for convincing South Dakota lawmakers that it would be "anti-trans" to suggest that it might be unfair for trans girls who are not undergoing hormone-replacement therapy to compete against cisgender girls

Intelligencer: With Brexit looming, May and Corbyn are getting desperate 

GMA: Selma Blair reveals she cried with relief at MS diagnosis after being "not taken seriously" by doctors

The Washington Post: U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms

The Daily News: Parents say "sextortion" by inmates drove Army veteran to suicide

The New York Times: Aide to Roger Stone must testify in Russia case, appeals court rules

Homorazzi: Janet Jackson announces Vegas residency dates

Back2Stonewall: Why you'd better start preparing for four more years of Donald Trump

The Randy Report: Another day, another homophobic baker refuses to bake another wedding cake

OMG Blog: When Jussie Smollett's c**k shot, um, leaked

Hot Cat of the Day: Prepare for takeoff!