Thursday, February 28, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Soul Drifter' by Lindsey Buckingham

Have been wondering how Lindsey Buckingham's recovery has been going -- then had dinner with a friend who encouraged me to check out the ex-Fleetwood Mac member's 1992 solo effort, "Out of the Cradle." The album bombed -- it peaked at No. 128 on the Billboard 200 -- but I was not given incorrect information. Was hard to pick just one song to feature, but this one definitely gets the point across. Hard to see how this wasn't a smash.


Unknown said...

A really good album, and I'm with you - Soul Drifter could have been a hit. I never knew there was a video for it. The setlist for his solo tour last fall included a few cuts from this album. I really wanted to go, but we had a conflict when he was in Ann Arbor (plus we had just seen him w/ Christine McVie the year before). Given recent events, really sorry now that we didn't go.

Blobby said...

It's a great song and arguably his best solo disk.