Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday (Retro) Ad Watch

I think Jack Scalia could give Jim Palmer a run for his undies ...

Farrah Fawcett: A Wing and a Prayer

Farrah called Craig Nevius "my loyal friend, my protector.”

The New York Times has a fascinating and, at times, disturbing look at the behind-the-scenes machinations of that documentary about Farrah Fawcett's last days, "Farrah's Story." Although her on-again, off-again, (possibly) on-again partner, Ryan O'Neal, eventually claimed control of the project, Farrah's fan-turned-friend Craig Nevius -- who had started a production company with the blond goddess years before and was the one she was collaborating with until right before the end when dubious signatures claimed she'd pushed him out -- says the finished documentary was the antithesis of what Farrah had set out to do, and has spent the last two years suing to prove it. Realizing the battle was uphill -- and was doing nothing to honor his friend's legacy -- Nevius recently abandoned his lawsuit to regain control of the project. (Having Ryan O'Neal threaten to kill him every other day may also have been a factor.) But this well-researched article shows that no matter how rich and famous you may be, your dying wishes will be ignored when they get in the way of other people's interests. Read HERE.

Footnote: Farrah and Ryan's troubled son, Redmond O'Neal, who was the sole heir to his mother's estate, had this to say about his father's re-involvement in his mom's life: "My dad's only goal was to make sure he would be in the will. It was so disgustingly transparent as soon as he found out she was terminal. I consider him a vulture presiding over a carcass."

The Notorious V.I.P.

True. And nothing could be more annoying than a spoiled Hollywood/blue blood pretending he's gangsta. (Via Twitter)

GQ Flashback 1987: Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon covers GQ in April 1987, the same year his cable classic "Summer School" was released. (Swoooooon.) I know I've said this before, but was there EVER a more beautiful man than Mark Harmon?

Cut to the Chase

If I were the alleged attacker's lawyer, I'd get the trial moved to New York City where he'd be sure to get off.

All the Details on Ryan Reynolds

Although I can't think of a single movie he was in that was actually good, Ryan Reynolds is still one of my "favorite" actors. Go figure. (Via Details)

Being Frank About Barney

From my continuing series of men I had a crush on when I was a boy, here's Hal Linden, as the unflappable Capt. Barney Miller. Like Jack Nicholson HERE, Linden was the same age I am now when he started the hit show about the comings and goings of the 12th Precinct in Greenwich Village. While Barney didn't fill out a pair of polyester dress slacks the way Wojciehowicz (Max Gail) did, his handsome face and warm eyes were simply irresistible to this 7-year-old Michigan boy.


Me (holding a pair of jeans that weren't exactly what I was looking for): Do you have these jeans, but without the design on the pocket?

Her (20something sales clerk): Over here, what size?

Me: 32/34

Her (handing the jeans I wanted to me as I set the ones I didn't want on the shelf where we were both standing): Awww, nooooooooo! (Foot stomp, full shoulder shrug and look of complete contempt with exaggerated audible sigh)

Me (look of total disbelief): Don't you think you're overreacting just a bit?

Her (still completely flummoxed -- slowly trying to regain her composure): You wanna know why I said that?

Me: No, not really. I'm just trying to buy some jeans.

Her: Because I was told that whoever puts pants back in the wrong slots would be fired.

Me: Well I don't work here.

Her (angry and sneering): I KNOW you don't work here, but I do and this is MY bread and butter (turns back and starts walking away)

Me: Well, I think you're being kind of rude

Her (turning around): Well, I think YOU'RE being rude to me! (storms off)

Me to Michael (as I place the jeans deep into a pile where they do not belong): Well, I'm not going to be buy something here. Let's go.

Me to Her (who is near the front door now): Good luck finding that pair!

Honcho Flashback 1979

Didn't know such a relatively hairless guy existed that year!

Morning Wood

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Ad Watch

Another shot of Andre Ziehe HERE.

You Get What You Pray For

Further proof that church farts will believe anything.

(Click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Couple: Bradley Cooper and Roger Federer

Week 1 of the French Open has been eventful: hacks Caroline Wozniacki and Kim Clijsters are both out -- Caroline being the non-thinking-man's Hingis, Clijsters showing off her degree from the Hana Mandlikova School of Concentration -- while Novak Djokovic surprised me with his continued (seemingly effortless) domination. Roger Federer, flying under the radar, reached the quarterfinals today, having still not dropped a set. (It's his 28th straight Grand Slam quarterfinal berth, a record.) Afterward, one Bradley Cooper happened to be in the men's locker room (I'm sure he just needed to pee) and posed for this shot. It's worth noting that as much as Hollywood is obsessed with youth, Cooper -- who is nearly seven years older than Fed -- is very much on the ascent in his career as the not-even-30-year-old Swiss plays out his glory year(s) as the tour's elder statesman.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Rag, Vol. 138

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Next greets the heat with its annual swimsuit issue. More pics HERE.

And everything you've ever wanted to know about Fire Island's Meat Rack is available HERE.

Odyssey New York goes out on a ledge with a promotional photo of Lady Gaga the week her new album came out. Browse the new issue HERE.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Captain of My Hart(nett)

Josh Hartnett might not be much of a movie star these days, but he sure looked like one at the El Museo 2011 gala last night at Cipriani 42nd Street in N.Y.C.

Once More Into the Bleach

Lady Gaga may have sold a million albums in a couple days and played to a frenzied crowd in Central Park this morning. But over on cutting-edge Yahoo.com, Blondie singer Debbie Harry -- whose "Rapture" trending everywhere during The Rapture -- is still all the rage!

Raise a Glass to Kyle Chandler

Vanity Fair spotlights the "Friday Night Lights" hunk HERE.

No Shit, Sherlock

There's nothing "dramatic" about Jude Law's hair loss, despite what the Daily Mail has to say. (We've all known about it for years.) And by the way, does ANYONE think it makes him any less hot, anyway?!

Sex and the Shitty

While I would normally commend Hollywood for giving a 52-year-old 46-year-old woman a leading role in a film, I'm not sure Sarah Jessica Parker is the way to go. The film is called "I Don't Know How She Does It" -- with Greg Kinnear as her spineless husband and Pierce Brosnan as her Mr. Big in waiting -- an apparent reference to the Carrie-by-way-of-Miranda career woman struggling to have it all. But after watching the dreadful trailer -- complete with Carrie Bradshaw voiceovers and "Sex and the City" Season 1 Ferris Bueller monologues to the camera -- while having post-traumatic-stress flashbacks to "Sex and the City 2," "Did You Hear About the Morgans?," "Failure to Launch" and "The Family Stone," I'm just left thinking, I don't know why she does it.

Closet Case/Homophobic Bishop Eddie Long Pays Off His Accusers

Sadly, all the hush money in the world can't make this image disappear from my mind.

Shuttlecock Tease

Wow -- forcing female badminton players to compete in skirts? Way to set the women's movement back 40 years.

Finally, a Reason to Go to Brooklyn

This young man was recently spotted on the L train ...

Happy Memorial Day!

Michael and I are staying in the city this Memorial Day weekend -- he has to work Monday -- so this will be the closest I get to a hot man at the beach. Anyone got fun plans? I'll probably catch up on some French Open and just enjoy sleeping in late for three days in a row, something I haven't been able to do for the last eight months!

Friday (Retro) Ad Watch


Received this message from my friend Bill in Cleveland yesterday. It made me happy:

Thought you might enjoy this bit of boycotting suggestion: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-york-lgbt-center-takes-side-of-anti-semites-122667263.html

I can barely figure out which side I'm supposed to be on, but I have learned that Queer Neo Nazis would make a good band name. Or at least album title.

GQ Flashback 1983: Mel Gibson

Back when we were mad about him, on the June 193 cover.

Morning Wood

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unluck of the Draw

Sucks for Juan Martin del Potro and Novak Djokovic that they're meeting in the third round of the French. Although del Potro is still on the comeback trail -- hence why he's seeded so low as to allow this matchup to happen already -- and has never beaten Djokovic, it sure sounds like just the kind of match someone on a 41-match winning streak would lose.

GQ Flashback 1982: Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones circa April 1982

Morning Wood

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

O, the Places We'll Go

The Rosie O'Donnell-Elizabeth Hasselbeck Love Fest Continues

As I blogged about a couple weeks ago, the thaw is on. Let's hope the wait staff has its Miracle Ears on full blast whenever this comes to be.

Oral History

Isn't it romantic? Kim Kardashian is engaged to New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries, who reportedly proposed by "waiting in her bedroom on bended knee" and whispering into her ear that he knew she was the woman for him the minute he saw her suck Ray J's enormous cock on a fake leaked video. Congrats, kids!

Image of Monkey Drinking Malt Liquor Unavailable From Shutterstock

I was so mortified by this racist tweet by Fox Business Network's Eric Bolling that I couldn't even come up with a snarky comment to go with it on Facebook. Luckily, my friend Rob was not at a loss for words:

They need to cut Obama some slack. He's gotta chug the 40s to help get down the fried chicken and watermelon.
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Juan Martin del Potro's Shirt Is Money

The Argentine is into the third round of the French Open, which probably pays pretty well, too. (Via Tennis Served Fresh)

Homo Box Office: 'Midnight in Paris' and 'Children of God'

In addition to seeing the utterly delightful "Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird" over the weekend, Michael and I also saw Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris," and newcomer Kareem Mortimer's "Children of God." Woody's latest is getting rave reviews, but I don't supposed I'd have liked it any better even without the hype. Don't take that the wrong way -- it's fine, and certainly better than a lot of the crap he doled out in the 2000s. But as is often the case lately, it's a "fantasy," which kind of defeats the purpose of seeing a Woody Allen movie, as he used to produce the best films about real New Yorkers around. (Couldn't he have quit while he was ahead with "The Purple Rose of Cairo"?) The good news is, Owen Wilson is charmingly restrained in his role as a neurotic writer. Whether it was the director's doing or his proxy's -- more likely the latter, as Allen is famous for not giving directions when he "directs" -- at least we don't have to sit through two hours of someone else "doing" Woody Allen. And Kathy Bates and Cory Stoll are fun as Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway -- he even got to bring his mustache back -- so there are some charming moments where Wilson's character meets his idols and learns that even the Golden Age wasn't as golden as he thought. But ultimately, the film is all meringue and no lemon, and I barely remembered a thing about it by the time I got home. (I actually just added that part about the Golden Age as I just remembered it an hour after posting this!)

"Children of God," which we attended the premiere for at the Quad on Friday night, was far more memorable. Described by the New York Times as a "lush Bahamian romance" about "a skinny white boy from Nassau who falls for a buff black islander" that's "stalked by homophobia and religious hatred," "Children of God" has a important story -- violence against LGBT-ers in the Caribbean is rampant and deadly -- and huge performances by its cast. Johnny Ferro (Jonny), whom I'd describe more as "lean," Stephen T. Williams (Romeo), whose natural charm radiates off the screen, Margaret Laurena Kemp (Lena), who deftly handles the complex role of being the villain (as an anti-gay pastor's wife) as well as the victim (of course her pastor is a closet case, who brings STDs home instead of flowers), and Van Brown as Rev. Ritchie, as an open-minded pastor to whom Lena turns for comfort (you would too if you saw this guy!) take a fairly narrow story, and bring it to life, in a film about a topic that may be well-known for some news junkies, but a real eye-opener for many others. More information HERE.

Ferro & Mortimer -- not a law firm, but the leading man and his director!