Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Junk-et

They're just following ancient history

Boy Culture covered the opening of the Adonis Lounge in Vegas so I didn't have to. Read all about it HERE.

Good Connection

Best. Page One Refer. Ever. (A refer is a teaser to a story inside a newspaper.) Read HERE.

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores on Men's Health

Even when overplucked and overwaxed, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a hot piece of ass. See inside his Men's Health cover turn HERE.

Andrew Sullivan Asks Rich Juzwiak Anything

Haven't listened to this yet, but I'm a fan of 50 percent of the participants! Listen HERE.

Less Chatting 'n' Chewing in Union Square

Bummed to read the Chat 'N Chew is no longer with us. Although it wasn't the cleanest restaurant I've ever eaten in, it holds a lot of great memories for me, from eating dinner with a friend after getting shitcanned from my first job in New York City to discussing my memoir in its infancy with my literary agent turned friend, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for this little hole in the wall. Bring on the nail salon! Read HERE.

Mug Shot Thursday

Caught him RED handed!

Your Ad-Dollar Arsenal

Seen in Midtown Manhattan.

Ring My Bell

New Zealander Kristofer Done give me a hardon.

Shitty Situation

Via Cheezburger: "Louis Slungpue" called an LA local news channel to share his theory that "a really large dump" caused the ‪UCLA‬ flooding. (Note how ridiculously hot those Westwood boys are.)


I'll Kremlin for Ya

My pal Johnny Rozsa took this iconic photo of Boy George in 1978.

With Johnny in his NYC apartment

Over Sharon

Dearly Departed Tours is having a special event to mark the 45th anniversary of the Tate/LaBianca murders, but I may have to settle for this tasteful gift pack.

Song of the Day: 'Don't You Want My Bad Romance' - Human League vs. Lady Gaga

Was about to post Michael Hensley and Adam Rio's same-sex spin on the Human League classic, but then got distracted by this competitive jam that I had never come across before.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Consider (07/31)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh, Brother!

Novak Djokovic has got the bod, but little brother and Monaco workout partner Marko has it all.

Who wears short shorts?

Hell Yes!

Exciting news about my pal David Mixner!

Via Towleroad:
LGBT and civil rights activist, author, storyteller, and Towleroad contributor David Mixner will debut a new one-night only one-man show on October 27 at 7 pm at New World Stages in New York City to benefit The Point Foundation, an organization which assists LGBTQ students in achieving their academic and leadership potential. 
Mixner's new show, "Oh Hell No!," will take as its starting point "personal and public details of his headline-grabbing and history-shaping life" and be accompanied musically by Chris Bolan, Megan Osterhaus, and Tim Jerome. 
Event chairs for the evening include Alan Cumming, Robert Desiderio, Herb Hamsher, Judith Light, Ken Mehlman, Rob Smith, Jonathan Stoller, Jorge Valencia, and Edie Windsor. For information on tickets, including Premium Seating with special access to the post-performance VIP reception at Glass House Tavern, please contact Drew Rhodes at (212) 512-5785 or
Congrats, David -- sounds like a must-see show!

Empire Jukebox

The Washington Post's "Every song about New York — in one map" is a good time killer, even if I'm not exactly sure how it works! Click HERE.

In Bed With Andrew Rannells

The Coveteur has sexy spreads of "Girls" star and upcoming Hedwig Andrew Rannells HERE ...

and photographer and 'Stache About Town Douglas Friedman HERE.

Sign Language

Here's Looking at You

Love the Huffington Post's 40 THINGS YOU (PROBABLY) DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT BLONDIE TO MARK THEIR 40TH ANNIVERSARY slideshow, even though I (big surprise) knew all but two. That Debbie was nicknamed "Moon" as a child because of her round face was new(s) to me, as was her claim to have psychic abilities. Her first "episode" apparently happened when she was 3, but given her BS story about Ted Bundy, I'm not convinced! See 'em all HERE.

A League of Their Own

Without a doubt, this is a partnership made in gay heaven!

Via news release:
We are proud to announce that aussieBum is a principal sponsor for the upcoming Bingham Cup tournament, supporting rugby in the gay community. The winners of the tournament will not only win the trophy, but also be decked out in the latest aussieBum products!

When Punctuation Attacks

Had been on a little "Sex and the City" bender recently -- this episode being one of my all-time favorites. It got to thinking about punctuation marks: Are we gathering information by asking things that end in question marks, or are we marked by the questions we ask?

Court of Opnion

We had the ladies' lineup yesterday -- now what do you think about the men's? I like Jimmy Connors for mental toughness and Rafael Nadal for athleticism. Michael Chang for anything seems odd to me -- and Bjorn Borg's backhand seems to be missing -- but I guess this clears up the question of whether or not you have to have been a U.S. Open champ to be on the list. 

Feeling Campy?

Sixth-grade camp left an indelible mark on me, so I can only imagine what it was like for the staff! The in-need-of-your-support web series "Camp Abercorn" is explained like this:
Every summer hundreds of thousands of Scouts head off to summer camp at hundreds of places just like "Camp Abercorn."  Each faces their own individual challenges, and writes their own stories. "Camp Abercorn" is a dramatic web series about the blunders and the victories—an authentic portrayal of life on camp staff. (Gays in Scouts will be addressed.) For 10 weeks each summer, Camp Abercorn becomes a bustling wonderland of activity for boys, guided by their fearless leaders—the camp staff.
Complete information HERE. And you can read what HuffPost had to say about it HERE.

You're Looking at Cuntry

From Carlene Carter's Facebook wall:
This was right after I made the sweeping statement that has haunted me all these years at The Bottom Line! If you don't know what I'm talking about that's fine with me! LOL

Song of the Day: 'Kill the Light' by Kitten

Rolling Stone says the L.A. band's debut is too uneven to be good, but there's no denying this one's a winner. 

Morning Wood

Page 1 Consider (07/30)

This Bob McDonnell story is the BEST: "...a New York-based male model whom Williams said he was eager to introduce to the newly elected governor..." As my friend Hank put it, this is going to get very good!