Friday, March 31, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/31)

Matthew's Island: Black Speedo alert HERE and HERE!

On the Rag, Vol. 753

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

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Got That Rite


Although I am fortunate to make a living wage in a two-income household, I still cannot believe how much more expensive CVS and Duane Reade stores are than Rite Aid. (My loyalty status gave me 20% off everything in the joint!) The one by me closed last year in some merger bullshit as did the one by my ex-workwife, who knows me so well. I honestly don't understand how most people live in this city.

Page 1 Roundup (03/31)

The Wall Street JournalGrand jury votes to indict Donald Trump

Queens Daily Eagle: Queens man indicted

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/30)

Various: Martina Navratilova was blacklisted for saying there needs to be more than just self-ID for trans women to compete in elite sports -- and now someone is hilariously driving the point home ... to the dismay of a champion trans(!) power-lifter in Alberta. BTW: No one is saying average trans people are "obsessed" with sports -- that's what rightwing lunatics do, blow issues that affect very few out of proportion. But by not getting AHEAD of this, activists hurt all LGBT people by letting extremist views -- allowing someone with XY chromosomes who has taken zero measures to transition to compete in girls' sports -- help ignite a culture war, a war we were winning just a few years ago.


I would totally buy one of these ... if I ever had the desire to spend time outside.

Postcard From Xmas 1988

Came across this impossibly great postcard my brother Bill sent me from London over the holidays back in 1988. (Yes, only in Britain would you find a postcard of Annabel Croft, who of course is now a television "presenter.” the U.K.'s most-ubiquitous profession.) 

The references to Kate Brasher, Shakin' Stevens, bootleg cassettes and young Madonna sure take me back, as does cat-sitting for Twinkie. I do occasionally come across old emails from friends and family, but never do they move me the way an old letter or card does. xo

Bill and the feline in question 

P.S. I happen to follow Croft on Twitter but haven't heard back about this find!

LGB Without T?


I'm not saying I'm on board with the so-called LGB Without the T sentiment that is currently trending on Twitter. But as someone who has edited a lot of business copy, I've learned that many companies that become too bloated do indeed blossom when they split in two, allowing them become more focused and better-equipped when they specialize in what they're doing. 

Of course, this will never go anywhere because it's mainly fueled by strange (read: ugly, name-calling) bedfellows I don't want anything to do with: No, the trans community is not "sexualizing children," "mutilating minors" or "betraying the gay community." 

Read why a transgender power-lifter wasn't too happy when a self-identified woman went up against her in Alberta HERE

But sexuality and gender identity are two entirely different things. And biology is real, which is why I find it baldly disingenuous that so many smart people who beg everyone to "believe in science" seem to say otherwise here. Ultimately, though, being a gay man or lesbian woman has nothing to do with people who are neither genders (or both) and/or people who desperately need medical intervention to be their authentic selves. So it's unfortunate that we can't get gender-diverse people the specialized medical and political allies they need, stat. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/29)

NYT: How John Owen Lowe turned trolling his father, Rob Lowe, into a Netflix series and a Men's Health cover

#Latergram From EspaƱa

 We got back from Spain earlier this month, but I'm only now getting around to putting together something on Instagram (Sigh.) While experiencing Hemingway's Madrid, the Aqueduct of Segovia, live Flamenco dancing in the Sacromonte caves of Granada and touring the 13th century Alhambra compound were all beyond spectacular, none of it compares with getting to spend time with my hubby and his sweet sisters, one of whom we are so thankful is in remission after successful cancer treatment. Life is sweet. xo

Gentleman Took Polaroids


Was ripping my apartment apart looking for something last night and came across these Polaroids I don't even recall taking, circa 1988. That's me at my desk in my parents' house -- notice the tennis and bowling trophies on the top shelf -- I'd won the Turkey Tourney doubles crown with my friend who later turned on me because he was a closet case too -- as well as my vintage Paris poster (a gift from my French teacher) and Edward Hopper calendar. I'm not sure what the alcohol collection was -- notice it's not in the next photo. I'd guess it had something to do with a party I'd hosted, but our house had a wet bar to complement the conversation pit -- the peak of '70s chic! -- so it makes no sense why it'd be stored in my room. 

I was so cool I had my own (black & white!) television in my room -- that's gotta be a good 12 inches -- and notice the Blondie "Autoamerican" poster in the upper right, a remnant from before my room got an "adult" makeover! I also spot my Tennis, World Tennis, Vanity Fair and Interview magazine collections on the shelves.

And here we have my beloved Tweet. He -- a red-point Siamese -- was the smartest and chattiest little guy I've ever met. Not sure how I would have gotten through high school without him.

Ditto for my Arizona best friend, Greg, seen here in a B-52s “Whammy” tour T-shirt and his signature jorts! 

And lastly was my bed with a(n unframed) Monet "Palazzo da Mula, Venice" poster, freshly purchased at the National Gallery of Art during a trip to visit my mom's aunt and uncle in Potomac, Md. About five years later I would end up working there briefly after moving to Washington from Los Angeles in early '93 -- and 30 years after these photos I would finally get to Venezia, fulfilling one of my earliest travel dreams! 

At my desk in the East Wing (1993)

With Damian in Venice (2018) 

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/28)

Yahoo Music: Wanna feel old? Dave Stewart has a grown daughter and she's not even a child he had with Siobhan Fahey

The Wrap: Gun violence surpasses auto accidents as the No. 1 killer of children -- people are surviving school shootings only to be in other ones -- but 'both parties' are the problem


Tru to a Fault

Over the weekend I watched Ebs Burnough's (Covid-interrupted) "The Capote Tapes" and can't stop thinking about it. Having grown up with virtually no gay role models, it was hard not to be fascinated by Truman Capote from the first time I laid eyes on him, if only in self-conscious horror that someone like him/me would have the audacity to actually live his life. (His talk-show visits and appearances in "Murder by Death" and "Annie Hall" all came before I'd ever read anything he'd written, as did my fawning over photos from his famed Black and White Ball at the Plaza Hotel!)

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