Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thursday Ad Watch

Oh, Ryan Dengler! Your obsession with the sun is slowly turning you into a ... what's the male equivalent of a butterface? But your body in this Tailored Athlete ad is nearly as hot as it was last year ON THE LINKS!

Homo Box Office

So I finally got around to seeing three films I have been meaning to watch -- two of them for decades and one from last year. I've long been a superfan of Todd Stephens's "Edge of Seventeen" but completely missed the (Boblo) boat on the second film in his three-part love letter to his hometown of Sandusky, Ohio: Gypsy '83." Although it was no "Edge of Seventeen" -- swap Annie Lennox for Debbie Harry and Sandusky for Madison Heights, Mich., and it's my life story! -- I was completely along for the ride as early aughts goth goddess Gypsy Vale (Sara Rue) and gay BFF Clive Webb (played by the adorable Kett Turton) headed to New York City's famed "Night of a Thousand Stevies" in search of Gypsy's long-gone mother. A nice performance by X's John Doe and a run-in with Karen Black along the way add to the enjoyment. 

Only three years separated the release of "Edge of Seventeen" and "Gypsy '83." If Stephens explained why there was a 20-year gap before "Swan Song" came out I didn't hear about it -- but it was surely worth the wait. Udo Kier (of Warhol fame) is splendid as a retired hairdresser living in a nursing home who suddenly finds himself tasked with styling a former client’s hair for her funeral. The film touches on so many topics we gays of a certain age can relate to, and features memorable performances by Kier -- where was his Oscar nomination? -- Jennifer Coolidge and Michael Urie. What a hoot!   

And last but not least: Finally got to see "Buddies," an AIDS picture that pre-dates the television movie "An Early Frost" (1985) and Bill Sherwood's "Parting Glances" (1986) but only in recent years has gained wider exposure. The film follows a young gay guy in Manhattan who becomes a volunteer "buddy" to another gay guy dying of AIDS. (That I was once a buddy in the AIDS Project Los Angeles program under Chi Maniwa only added to the experience.) "Buddies" -- which was directed by Arthur J. Bressan Jr., a noted filmmaker ("Gay USA") who himself died from AIDS complications just a couple years after the film came out -- is incredibly charming given its subject matter, as we watch the naïve Robert learn about gay life from the more worldly David, for whom he develops unexpected feelings. 

As a bonus, I noticed "Trick" director (and Facebook friend) Jim Fall listed at the end, which Jim informed me was his first film credit! All these fictional works have me in the mood for "Trick 2" -- when's that finally coming out?


Works for me ...


Song of the Day: 'Imitation of Christ' by the Psychedelic Furs


Fun to see that two of my favorite bands as a teen -- the Psychedelic Furs and X -- are hitting the road together, with stops in my hometown (at the Rooftop at Pier 17, where I've not yet seen a show here) and my birthplace (at the Royal Oak Music Theatre). I first saw X at an all-ages show at the Devil House in Tempe, Ariz., in 1983 on the "More Fun in the New World" tour, and the Furs at Mesa Amphitheatre in 1984 (the Bangles opened, promoting "All Over the Place"). I'm tempted to go, but how much do you wanna bet crackpot Exene Cervenka has a policy intact that forbids attendees from being vaccinated? 

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Morning Wood

If this photo is any indication, I'm not sure why Thomas Rhys Jones isn't the biggest star in the world!

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What About the Waitresses?

How ironic that I would pass the New Wave Cafe -- which I'm assuming closed in 1986 -- on my way to Zabar's this afternoon ...

... moments before I saw this fun '80s throwback! Here’s hoping the space reopens as the Alt Rock Cafe stat. 

Wrestle Wednesday


I like where this is going BELOW.

Song of the Day: 'Buffalo Stance' by Robyn (Featuring Mapei)


Robyn's new cover of fellow Swede Neneh Cherry's "Buffalo Stance" doesn't really add much to the original. But any excuse to hear this seminal 1988 single is OK with me. 

Did you know? An early version of the song appeared as the B-side on the 1986 Stock, Aitken, and Waterman-produced single "Looking Good Diving" by duo Morgan-McVey, which was made up of Jamie Morgan and Cherry's second husband, Cameron McVey. The song, titled "Looking Good Diving with the Wild Bunch," was sung by Cherry.

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Morning Wood

More of his flex appeal BELOW.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Meme Spirited


Ride a camel would be high on mine! How about you?

Tennis Tuesday


It was hard to miss the Slavic slab of beef in Veronika Kudermetova's box last week in Indian Wells, but it turns out the story is nearly as titillating as the meat. More BELOW.

Song of the Day: 'Bring Back the Time' by New Kids on the Block, Featuring Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley and En Vogue

Gen Xers: I don't think you're going to see a more fun video than this one, which features its stars parodying your favorite videos from the '80s including Journey, Billy Idol, Devo, A Flock of Seagulls, Robert Palmer, Twisted Sister and the "Never Gonna Give You Up" singer as David Byrne in the Talking Heads video "Once in a Lifetime"! 

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Matthew's Island: Feast your eyes on Jorge

Hot Cat of the Day: They start young!

Morning Wood


Slightly more erect this time.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Weekend Tennis Roundup


The women's draw in Miami has been decimated, but the men are still holding strong. Check out my full report BELOW

Manspread Monday


And something naughtier BELOW.

Song of the Day: 'I Can't Tell You Why' by the Eagles

My mind is always coming up with lists and ideas for blog posts. So while I work on a big one that's not quite ready yet, another thought came to mind: How many bands have had hits with someone who isn't their normal lead singer? 

"Everything Counts" and "Somebody" by Depeche Mode, "Tempted" by Squeeze and "Stay" (sort of) by Shakespears Sister all come to mind, as does this 1979/80 smash by the Eagles, which was their first single to feature Timothy B. Schmit, who joined the band during the "Hotel California" tour, replacing Randy Meisner on bass/vocals. 

Page 1 Roundup (03/28)

Hot Cat of the Day: "Break time is my time."

Morning Wood


Handsome gets physical BELOW.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Comics


Speedo Sunday


I've been on a "Hoarders" and "Hoarding: Buried Alive" kick lately, so decided I should let go of some of these I've had in storage forever. Five more BELOW.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday 'Stache

Loses the shirt BELOW.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Caption Me