Thursday, May 31, 2018

'Boys' Night Out

Scroll through these photos (at the bottom) for a look at the big party last night for the Broadway premiere of "Boys in the Band." I was lucky enough to see a preview performance last weekend and can't say enough about it. People frequently dismiss the play -- about a group of gay friends gathering for a birthday -- as being "too depressing" and "too negative" for portraying guys who are often self-loathing and bitchy to one another. But while I understand these concerns -- back when you only had one or two high-profile projects representing your "community" and it's not particularly flattering, it's easy to be defensive -- I've always appreciated and respected writer Mart Crowley's honesty and transparency shown with these characters. No, they don't -- and didn't in 1968 -- represent all gay men. But I can't help but think these ladies doth protest too much because they see themselves and their friends in these depictions. (I think less is more with reviews. But if you like to know more details about the plot, there's a more elaborate review HERE.)

In fact, I was almost embarrassed to admit how much of the play still resonates with the gay community I know today -- especially couples navigating monogamy and single guys being honest with themselves about why they're single. My only quibble would be that the beautiful set of Michael's apartment looked a lot more like Liza's pad circa 1977 -- I could have sworn I saw Halston lurking in the background near the chrome and glass bar -- than 1968, and the styling of the men didn't exactly scream late '60s, either. (Andrew Rannells, who is hilarious but was essentially playing Elijah from "Girls," was dressed in white jeans that made him look straight out the mid-'90s.) But then I asked myself: Was obfuscating the era an intentional decision to bolster the (for better or worse) evergreen nature of the material? Methinks maybe yes.

Afterward, my friend Tim and I each wrote down the man we most wanted to f**k in the cast. We both picked Tuc Watkins, who is a standout as the bisexual-ish Hank. 

Go inside the party HERE.

Remains of the Day (05/31)

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'Parallel Lines' Named the Best of Blondie in New Readers' Poll

Thank you to everyone who weighed in last week on your favorite Blondie album. Albumism just released the results, and here they are! I was heartened that my pick, "Plastic Letters," is such a fan favorite. And wasn't surprised that "Eat to the Beat" ranked so high after seeing how my Facebook friends felt about it. That "Pollinator" is regarded the best of the second-generation albums doesn't surprise me either -- it was universally loved when it came out last year -- but that it ranked higher than "AutoAmerican" and the debut did catch me off-guard. I don't give the later albums nearly as much thought as I do the originals. But if you had casually asked me which one is the best before this poll, I'd have probably said "Panic of Girls," which ironically ranked dead last. (What do I know?)

#1 | Parallel Lines | 1978 | 674 votes (31% of total)

#2 | Eat to the Beat | 1979 | 584 votes (27% of total)

#3 | Plastic Letters | 1978 | 317 votes (15% of total)

#4 | Pollinator | 2017 | 192 votes (9% of total)

#5 | Autoamerican | 1980 | 158 votes (7% of total)

#6 | Blondie | 1976 | 105 votes (5% of total)

#7 | No Exit | 1999 | 61 votes (3% of total)

#8 | The Hunter | 1982 | 39 votes (2% of total)

#9 | The Curse of Blondie | 2003 | 24 votes (1% of total)

#10 | Ghosts of Download | 2014 | 13 votes (less than 1% of total)

#11 | Panic of Girls | 2011 | 8 votes (less than 1% of total)

Song of the Day: 'A Shark in Jets Clothing' by Blondie

This one's from Blondie's debut, which my friend Chip ranks as his No. 1 album by the band.

UPDATE: For those who voted in the poll over at Albumism, the results are in!

Page 1 Roundup (05/31)

Morning Wood

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hey, Mr. DJ

Roseanne Barr's TV son, Michael Fishman, put out a heartfelt statement about the controversy, to which his TV mom -- whose promised "exit" from Twitter lasted about as long as her contrition -- could not resist bitterly replying.

From HERE.

Somebody get this woman into celebrity detox, stat.

Follow along HERE.

Remains of the Day (05/30)

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Towleroad: Genderqueer student brilliantly trolls Betsy DeVos with transgender pride cape

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OMG Blog: Actor Axel Giudicelli goes full frontal in "Je Ne Suis Pas un Cygne"

Hot Cat of the Day: Gotta try to meet Pawfficer Donut next time I'm in Detroit!

Wrestle Wednesday

If you've got it, FLAUNT IT.

Song of the Day: 'Africa' by Weezer

You can thank a very determined 14-year-old girl named Mary for this preposterous confection! 

Page 1 Roundup (05/30)

Morning Wood

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. Retweets Roseanne Barr's Discredited George Soros Claims

A huge percentage of white people -- particularly of a certain age -- will never *recover* from a black man being elected president. Some send racist tweets, others launch birther movements and political careers. It pains me to admit this, but it’s a scourge from which I no longer have faith I will live to see us recover. (Donald Jr. was born in the LATE '70s.)

Read HERE.

Remains of the Day (05/29)

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SF Chronicle: Linda Ronstadt back in public eye, and it’s not so easy

The Randy Report: Denver man held in stabbing of gay couple who were holding hands

Page Six: Caitlyn Jenner is said to be skipping Brody "I'm looking hotter than ever" Jenner’s wedding despite invite

HuffPost: Woman says fecal transplant saved her life

Save the Factory: 40 years ago this month, Carol Taylor Dipietro and Scott Forbes made happen the first lesbian and gay night at any amusement park

New York Post: What a shock: hunky guy on "The Bachelorette" is a horrible person

Deadline: Talent agency ICM Partners drops Roseanne Barr

The Associated Press: Tennis great Boris Becker and model wife split

The AIDS Memorial: "Blond Ambition" dancer Salim Gauwloos on being gay and living with HIV for 30 years

Baseline: Serena Williams wins Roland Garros opener in black catsuit

Curbed: All across NYC, the ghosts of old neighborhoods -- demolished to make way for newer and flashier developments -- can be found

Dlisted: Chord Overstreet is hotter than ever -- and suddenly single

Gothamist: Ask a Native New Yorker tackles the question if people should wear flip-flops in NYC (my answer: NO)

Hot Cat of the Day: Cat has good taste!