Friday, February 26, 2010

Canuck You

I'm a huge fan of Canada, despite the seeming lack of humor from some of my readers Up North. (You make one retard joke about the Canadian accent and then everyone's up in arms!) As a minor in Detroit, we loved crossing the river to Windsor for a little trouble now and then, and more recently I've had some great times in Montreal and Toronto. One place I have not been but have heard wonderful things about is Ottawa, which happens to be where my pal Scooter LaForge has a show coming up at La Petite Mort Gallery. The big opening event is March 5, and the complete details are below.

La Petite Mort Gallery presents
Hayden Menzies and Scooter LaForge
March 5-28, 2010
Vernissage Friday March 5 / 7-10 p.m.
Tunes by Big Mac Daddy
Proudly sponsored by CKCU 93.1 FM

The pairing of two unique individuals, each with his own unique styles, and yet both share a similar drive. Scooter LaForge is a starving artist who lives in New York and whose personal heroes are Kenneth in the (212), Popeye, witches, monsters, cat, bunnies, bears, owls and birds. Hayden Menzies lives in Toronto and his work deals with various subject matters, but most commonly contains elements of family, stability, security, home life and immediate issues that affect him personally. Both work within many levels of experimentation to arrive at an end result. The collaboration between these two artists promises to be whimsical in its delivery, yet grandiose in its themes

Bunning on Empty

I just sent an e-mail to Sen. Jim "tough shit" Bunning. (Should cocksucking asshole have been hyphenated?)

You can send yours HERE, and don't forget to mention that you agree that the national debt is out of control too, but you don't recall Congress being concerned about it when they voted for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, approved the largest entitlement program since Medicare without any way to pay for it, and gave President Bush a blank check to rebuild two foreign countries. If you're so fucking patriotic, how about helping some AMERICANS?

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Music Box: Aloe Blacc

Episode 2 of HBO's "How to Make It in America" was even better than the first (the boys have great chemistry and the John Varvatos storyline was spot-on). But I forgot to mention the first thing about the show that won me over: the opening theme song. Michael thought it was an old Bill Withers song (that's how good it is) but it turns out it's "I Need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc, an L.A. native born to Panamanian parents back in 1979. His AllMusic page says he's only released one album, back in '06, but something tells me this song might be just the thing to bring him to the next level.

Tune Up
I Can't Get Enough Lyrics
Bobby Valentino
Hot Like Summer Lyrics
Sean Kingston
Old School Lyrics
Yung Berg
That Tree Lyrics
Snoop Dogg
Convertible Lyrics
Chris Brown
Hey Ho Lyrics
Feet Off The Ground Lyrics
Three 6 Mafia
I Am The West Lyrics
Ice Cube
Baby Lyrics
Justin Bieber
Sexting Lyrics
Get your own here.

Page 1 Consider (02/26)

  • 60 Fabulous Minutes: The Advocate launched its television news magazine -- The Advocate On-Air -- this week. The monthly program is hosted by Thomas Roberts and will focus on current news, politics, lifestyle and cultural trends. The inaugural episode showed promise (look for my pal Derrick Shore reporting the "Olympics or Bust" segment!) and I'll definitely be back for more. If you don't have HERE TV, you can watch it online HERE.

  • Sister Act? In what sounds like a plot twist from a really bad Lifetime Television for Women movie, the owner of a car involved in a gruesome hit-and-run case here in the city is now claiming it was her institutionalized sister who was actually driving that fateful night. The only remotely good thing about this very sad story is that Brandy may just have her next acting gig in the bag. (NYDN)

  • Cover Up: This quirky site featuring photos of people (and pets!) interjecting themselves into album covers is a lot of fun, even if you have to explain to most of this generation what an "album" is. (Someone even did Altered Images!) (Sleeveface via JoeMyGod)

  • Gee, Thanks: SeaWorld announced yesterday that Tilikum, the 12,000-pound killer whale that attacked and drowned one of its primary handlers in front of a horrified audience Wednesday, will not be killed for ... behaving EXACTLY the way it is supposed to. (USA Today)

  • This Gun's for Hire: Although you'd never guess it, I'm pretty sure there was a time when being a hooker was something people weren't proud of. Jump ahead to, um, now, and get ready for the 2010 Male Escort Awards, popularly referred to as "The Hookies," which will take place March 19 in New York. With award being handed out in categories including Best Body, Best Top, Best Ass and Biggest Cock, is it any surprise I begged for a "press" pass? Note to Johns: Be sure to cast your vote for your favorites HERE. (adult)

  • Closet Cases: Everyone knows Bert and Ernie were lovers, but what about Kate and Allie? Click HERE to see seven TV shows the networks didn't want to admit were about gay people.

  • Soldier Boy: Neil Genzlinger reviews “Yank!,” a musical about a gay romance during World War II now playing at the Theater at St. Peter’s. It sounds like the show is uneven, but I'd be game just to watch two hours of Ivan Hernandez, who plays a hunky closeted soldier named Mitch. (NYT)

  • Funny Women: Wanda Sykes called in to Rosie O'Donnell's Sirius/XM radio show and the two had a revealing conversation about kids, marriage and coming out. Rosie says she felt enormous pressure from gay people to come out, while Wanda's biggest challenge was her family. “If it ever gets out," her mother said, "I hope I’m dead.” (AutoStraddle) (Question: Does anyone know if Rosie and Ellen DeGeneres like each other?)

  • Barking Up the Right Tree: I've never understood the whole point about adopting vs. buying pets -- once they're born, don't they all need a home equally? -- but if Kellan Lutz tells me to do something then I guess I'll listen. (PETA)

  • Not Exactly Fabulis: Does Citibank have a problem with the gays? (If it's any consolation, I certainly have a problem with Citibank.) (Advocate)

  • Just (4) Jack: Somebody call Jack McFarland, stat: the Beek is back! (ArtsBeat)

  • My Life on the D(yke) List: Kathy Griffin to play a lesbian on "SVU." (SheWired)

  • RIP: The search for missing "Growing Pains" star Andrew Koenig -- better known as Boner -- ended Thursday with the grisly discovery of his body in a densely wooded area of a Vancouver park, an apparent suicide. Very sad to hear yet another child star we grew up's life would end so tragically. (NYDN)
  • Don't Ask and Don't Tell, but Do Sing

    Video: A song by John Forster, written during the Clinton era. Sadly, not yet out of date. This is a rough draft.

    Morning Wood

    Tired Old Queen at the Movies: 'Victim' (1961)

    This week Steve Hayes reviews "Victim," Basil Dearden's groundbreaking film starring Dirk Bogarde. Steve says it ripped the lid off the public and personal persecution of homosexuals in Great Britain. The most daring film ever seen on the subject, "Victim" helped to change the laws dealing with homosexuality, laws that had been in existence for hundreds of years and had led to the imprisonment and eventual death not only of Oscar Wilde, but countless others. This was the first English language film to use the word "homosexual." Gay actor Dirk Bogarde along with Dennis Price and lovely Sylvia Sims risked their careers to appear in this heart-stopping and controversial production. Dealing with a gay barrister who is being blackmailed and decides to risk everything by fighting back, "Victim" paved the way for every film dealing with the subject, from "The Boys in the Band" to "Milk."

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Don't Fuck With Us, Fellas!

    You wanna see the gay mafia at work, bitches? Leading national advocates of gay marriage have formed a group to campaign against New York state senators who opposed same-sex marriage, and they already have their sights set on a certain gay-hating, woman-bashing fat ass.

    The New York Times reports:

    Angered by the defeat last year of a bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to marry, a group of well-financed gay rights advocates has started a political action committee to take aim at state senators who have opposed same-sex marriage.

    The first person the committee will single out is Hiram Monserrate, the Queens Democrat who has filed as a candidate in a special election to reclaim the seat he lost after the Senate expelled him this month.

    The campaign against Mr. Monserrate, which will initially rely on the Internet and direct mail to reach voters but may expand to phone banks and e-mail, could exceed a cost of $100,000 — a significant amount for a legislative special election that is less than three weeks away.

    In total, the political action committee, called Fight Back New York, is prepared to raise and spend in the high six figures range in the State Senate races this year, according to people involved with the committee.

    To donate or learn more information about Fight Back New York, please click HERE.

    What Are You, 8?

    You're a grown man, put some fucking pants on.

    Thursday Ad Watch

    Get lost with sexy Josh Holloway, for Davidoff Cool Water.

    To Glenn Beck, Thanks for Everything. Love, Kenneth in the (212)

    Watch HERE.

    Music Box: Debora Iyall

    Some great news from the Left Coast. Singer/lyricist Debora Iyall, of Romeo Void fame, is back in California and has recorded a handful of great new demos ("Ninety Nine," "Tell Me Why," "Stay Strong" and "Mr. Saturday Night"). Having reemerged last fall -- performing at a couple of shows to celebrate 415 Records, the indie San Fran label that wisely released RV's classic '81 debut, "It's a Condition," and must have made a killing off the "Never Say Never" EP in '82 -- these days she is teaming up with producer/guitarist Peter Dunne of Pearl Harbor and The Explosions fame. The duo is working on an album of new material set to come out this summer. You can hear the new tunes and catch up with the Queen of the Limp White Sweater HERE.

    Page 1 Consider (02/25)

  • Franco's Feast: Click HERE to watch a (not-work-friendly) clip from "The Feast of Stephen" James Franco's student film that won the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival last weekend. I'm sure this tale of naked boys playing basketball shot in tasteful black and white will finally put those gay rumors to rest once and for all. (Via WayOutWest)

  • Fair and Fabulous Housing: HUD seeks help with anti-gay discrimination study. (AP)

  • Bristol Clear: A recent article in the Washington Post touted a study claiming abstinence-only sex education can delay sexual activity as effectively as comprehensive sex ed. But the real story behind the study is one we're all familiar with: teaching abstinence is only productive in conjunction with open and accurate sexual health information. (NSRC)

  • A New 'Argentina': Despite owning Olivia Newton-John's "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" ("Making a Good Thing Better" RULES!!!), I am a bit too young to have appreciated "Evita" the first time around. But thanks to Madonna and my (212) area code, I will be more than ready for the planned Broadway revival in the next year or two, which will reportedly star Argentine actress Elena Roger in the title role, which she played to acclaim in London in 2006. (Arts Beat)

  • For the Boys: Print media may be dying, but thank god for niche markets, like a new 'zine for transgender males. (365Gay)

  • Truth in Advertising: A 40-year-old trainer named Dawn Brancheau eaten alive by a killer whale at SeaWorld just after the popular “Dine with Shamu Show” This is obviously very sad news, but anyone who ever saw "Jaws 3-D" knew this was bound to happen -- oh, and the fact that Tilikum had killed TWO people before. (Telegraph)

  • John Waters Country: Maryland may recognize out-of-state gay marriages. (365Gay)

  • Better Know a Partner: Getting to know Susan Mikula, aka Mrs. Rachel Maddow. (SheWired)

  • Paging Tim Hardaway: Are you California boys ready for the first-ever gay night at a Golden State Warriors? (Outsports)
  • Big Foot Strikes Again

    Now don't be blaming me for all the typos on my blog ...

    Love Sidney

    When 18-year-old Canadian Sidney Crosby burst onto the scene as the No. 1 draft pick in the National Hockey League back in 2005, his good looks and quick (shirtless) appearances in GQ, Vanity Fair and "The Tonight Show" almost seemed to guarantee that he wouldn't be able to live up to the hype. (Remember Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart?) Instead, Crosby has become a superstar playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates Penguins, and grew up to be so handsome that I'm this close to rooting for the Canadian men's hockey team in the Olympics. See how he grew up HERE.

    Quote of the Day

    "How are you going to make an 'idol' from the type of people you're trying to avoid in real life? ... I'm afraid if American keeps letting people like that become the entertainers, pretty soon there's not going to be anyone left to slice the lunch meat." -- Natasha Leggero on the ragtag contestant of the country's beloved "American Idol." (Watch it HERE.)

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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    Page 1 Consider (02/24)

  • General Cowards: Pretty depressing to think that Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the Army chief of the staff, and Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, the Air Force chief of staff, think so little of America's men and women in uniform that they believe they cannot A) handle treating their fellows soldiers with dignity and respect, and B) follow orders from their commander in chief. This is truly a sad day for America. (NYT)

  • Just a Regular Joe: Frank Bruni's profile of GOP savior Scott Brown is raising eyebrows, with revelations that the practically blue collar new senator's famous pickup truck was actually purchased to haul his daughter's horse and equestrian gear(!), and that he worked as a $1,000-a-day model in New York and Boston, and sported pink leather shorts on his first date with his now-wife. “I did the couture shows, and instead of paying in cash, they paid in clothes,” he said. “And one of the things I had to wear were leather shorts. And these happened to be pink.” (SundayMag)

  • 'So-Called' Reunion: Now you don't have to wonder what Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano would look like if "My So-Called Life" had run as long "Gunsmoke." (Vulture)

  • Homo Happy Hour: Join GayCities and the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association this Saturday at the The Time hotel lounge for the first GayCities member meet-up in New York City. For complete details, click HERE.

  • Boys 2.0: Ben Brantley reviews Jack Cummings' revival of "The Boys in the Band," Mart Crowley's landmark 1968 play. (NYT)

  • Eggs in One Basket: Michelle Obama has invited the cast of "Glee" to perform at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, April 5. If this doesn't atone the president for all of his LGBT shortcomings, then I don't know what does. (EW)

  • Gay Immigration Bill: Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has cosponsored legislation that would provide immigration rights to binational gay couples and their families. (Advocate)

  • Better Off Fed: I know Swiss banking is going through a rough period, so is that why Roger Federer is playing a suicidal man (with bad breath) in a new spot for Nationale Suisse? (Watch HERE.)

  • In the Name of Love: Jeff Sheng reports from inside the PRIDE House in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Bilerico Project)

  • Un-Marvell-Ous: Dr. Marvell Scott -- who has been my local sportscaster as long as I can remember -- has been charged raping 14-year-old runaway who prosecutors say was forced into prostitution. Scott, who apparently resigned from Channel 7 last year to pursue his medical career, says he is being framed. (NYDN)

  • Taking Hannah by Storm: Speaking of sportscasters, "Pardon the Interruption" host Tony Kornheiser was suspended for two weeks after ripping on "SportsCenter" host Hannah Storm -- despite the fact that making fun of people is what he's paid to do. (Yahoo)

  • Personal Assistants Gone Mad: Natavia Lowery was found guilty today of murdering former Ramones manager and Realtor to the Stars Linda Stein. (NYP)
  • Morning Wood

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Baskit Case

    Go behind the scenes of Baskit undewear's latest campaign, starring model Caleb Gardner. Do you prefer him or this beefy alternative?

    Tuesday Ad Watch

    It took me 35 years to get my hair off my face and now the whole world has gone bangs ... (Via J Brand Jeans)

    Pool Boys

    Be sure to pick up the new PASSPORT magazine for photographer Fernando Moz's complete 2010 swimwear spread. For a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, click HERE.