Saturday, October 31, 2015

RIP: Actor Al Molinaro Is Dead at 96

Feeling wistful about the the passing of character actor Al Molinaro, whom I adored as Murray (the bumbling cop and poker buddy) on "The Odd Couple" and later graciously accepted as Arnold's replacement, Big Al Delvecchio, as the owner of the drive-in on "Happy Days" as the showed jumped the shark. The cause of death was a complication from gallstones Molinaro had decided not to have surgically removed due to his age, Molinaro’s son told TMZ. Molinaro died in a California hospital. As I read up on Big Al, I discovered some things that even this "Happy Days"/'70s TV in general guy didn't know, via Wikipedia: With season four of "Happy Days," Al Molinaro was added as Al Delvecchio, the new owner of Arnold's, after Pat Morita's character of Arnold moved on after his character got married. Al Molinaro also played Al's twin brother Father Anthony Delvecchio, a Catholic priest. Al eventually married Chachi's mother (played by Ellen Travolta) and Father Delvecchio served in the wedding of Joanie to Chachi in the series finale of that short-lived spin-off. Morita had left "Happy Days" to star in a short-lived sitcom of his own, "Mr. T and Tina" -- which I blogged about HERE and was actually a spin-off of "Welcome Back, Kotter." Morita also starred in a subsequent short-lived "Happy Days" spin-off series titled "Blansky's Beauties" that starred Nancy Walker, fresh from "Macmillan and Wife" and still appearing on "Rhoda," and featured various characters "Happy Days" characters, including Pinky Tuscadero (Roz Kelly) and Arnold, only it was set in a different time period (1970s Vegas) and no one acknowledged that they hadn't aged a day. Scott Baio was on it, but rather than playing Chachi, he was the leering, 12-year-old ("going on 28") Anthony DeLuca. Eddie Mekka from "Laverne & Shirley" was also on it, but he played Joey DeLuca, the younger cousin to Carmine Ragusa. 

"Blansky's" also starred Caren Kaye, whom we would all come to envy for starring for tutoring Matt Lattanzi.

Does this ring a bell to anyone?! And RIP, Mur. :-(

Friday, October 30, 2015

Game, Set and Crotch

  Talk about discrimination -- West Coast rapper The Game keeps getting banned from Instagram because the bulge in his boxer-briefs is TOO HUGE

Pocock Tease

So it seems climate activist, LGBT ally and all-around dreamboat David Pocock is about to play in the World Cup Final, which is just an excuse to post these sexy photos of the Aussie rugby hunk.

See his juicy LBGT friendly ass HERE.

Lemon Drop

I wouldn't normally wish termination on anyone, but I'm willing to make an exception in this case. Add your name HERE.

Tina Was Wrong

  I try not to pay attention to news from Texas -- sorry, Austin! -- as most of them don't want to be a state and I don't really count it as one. But what's happening in Houston, the first major city to have an openly gay mayor, is disgusting. Happy to see Hillary Clinton speaking out in favor of not repealing the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which from what little I've heard has turned into the Briggs Imitative of the 21st century. Oh, Texas.

Big Love

I wrote about Target's plus-size model Zach Miko last month, and now ABC News caught up with hunky he-man to learn more about his background, including how he learned to accept his big-and-tall bod. Watch HERE.

Gay Marriage Signed Into Law in Ireland

    Happy to see it's finally official -- they worked long and hard for this day. Same-sex ceremonies will like begin in mid-November. Read HERE.

Martina Puts the Meat in a Chris and Tracy Sandwich

This selfie from Singapore only makes me wanna go home and watch my 1981 Toyota Series Championships DVD, not today's players! 

On the Rag, Vol. 379

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Guy (Ft. Lauderdale): Rising model Laith Ashley does it doggy style / Online edition HERE.  

Next: "Drag Race" champ Violet Chachki on surviving Halloween / Read HERE.

Get Out!: This is why people go to Matinee parties! See HERE.

QX (London) is ready for Halloween / Online edition HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): An interview with Denis O'Hare of "American Horror Story: Hotel" / Read HERE.

Frontiers (L.A.): Clifton’s Reborn: A Tour of the City’s New Cabinet of Curiosities / Read HERE.

Lavender (Twin Cities): Introducing the Fine Wine & Dine Issue / Online edition HERE.

Odyssey New York: Trick or treat ... or both? Online edition HERE.

The Love Cats

Loving BuzzFeed's photo roundup of rock stars chilling with their pet cats. Madonna and Siouxsie are probably with props, but they really missed the boat not including Debbie Harry with two of her feline friends. 

Song of the Day: 'Only You' (live for Burberry) by Alison Moyet

The great Alison Moyet performed live at the Burberry spring/summer  women's wear show. I have the clip of "Only You" for you here, but it's her "All Cried Out" heard in this PROMOTIONAL VIDEO that haunts me still. (Adele who?)

The songs, along with "When I Was Your Girl" and "Whispering Your Name" can be downloaded HERE.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (10/30)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kids in America

This guy was CLEARLY out of line and deserved to be fired, and anyone who says otherwise is nuts. (No, this wouldn't have happened if she had just complied, but that doesn't justify this complete overreaction.) But I'm curious: What do you think is the appropriate response to a disruptive child who repeatedly refuses to obey authority figures and thinks the rules don't apply to them? Looking for real-world suggestions, not excuses or details of extenuating circumstances. It used to drive me CRAZY when my bratty peers got away with misbehaving, but obviously escalating the situation is not the answer. I have friends who have given up teaching because they just didn't know what to do with unruly students anymore. It's teachers and law enforcement's duty to figure out the right response, but I can't help wondering what fellow civilians think. Thoughts? Suggestions? 

Breast Man

THIS HUNK wants men to know they're at risk of breast cancer, too.

Preppy Gets Year in Jail for St. Paul’s School Assault, Must Register as Sex Offender

I'm ambivalent about this. Our society is NOT willing to believe the victim that she was raped, yet we're OK with treating the "innocent" young man as if he were a convicted rapist? (The jail time, five years probation and sex-offender registration are the result of a trumped-up charge having to do the use of the Internet to meet up, which is NOT the intent of the law.) I know this is seen as a compromise, but aren't both sides being robbed of justice by calling them both liars? 

You Can Dance

Just let Matthew Rettenmund's "Encylopedia Madonnica 20" be your inspiration. 

Diver Chris Mears Makes a Splash

 More shots from the Brit's steamy new calendar and more HERE.

Arby's to Return to Manhattan

It's been about a decade since the purple-roast-beef makers closed up shop near the West Fourth Street subway station. Bring on the potato cakes and Jamocha shakes! Read HERE.

The timing is perfect -- the Wendy's in my office building closed yesterday, a move that was greeted with a frosty reception by my colleagues.

Sign Language

Seen HERE.

Prince Ginger Visits White House to Get Obamas' Support for Invictus Games

Prince Harry visited Washington yesterday to launch the 2016 Invictus Games for wounded veterans, being held in the U.S. for first time. Prince Ginger received warm support from President Obama -- who met him for first time and said: "He has gotten to know Michelle very well, for a range of reasons, but in particular, he’s here to talk about the Invictus Games, an initiative that is bringing together wounded warriors around the world, under the leadership of Prince Harry and others, to make sure that we see not simply the sacrifices they’ve made, but also the incredible contributions, strength and courage they continue to display. 'And so we are very glad to support the Invictus Games. Michelle and myself are interested in promoting it."

 More HERE.