Friday, August 31, 2007

In Fine Form

Robby Ginepri's game is starting to look as good as he does at this year's U.S. Open ...

Blog Love Hangover

The convention couldn't be better. Not only has it been a nice distraction from the sadness back home, it's been a great chance to meet and bond with a bunch of fellow gay journalists and bloggers. Last night I hung out with Johnny Diaz (Beantown Cuban) and Greg Hernandez (Out in Hollywood) and our online friendships seamlessly translated into real life (they're both very smart and a lot of fun to drink with!). Their recaps of the night are great and can be read here and here. I gotta get back to the booth, so that's all for now.

Thursday Ad Watch

I may be in San Diego on business, but I couldn't resist this 2(x)ist undies ad starring Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency standout TJ Wilk. (Thanks, Mikey!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thank You

Everybody --
San Diego is beautiful and I'm having a great time meeting fellow journalists from all over the place.

I don't travel with a computer (I like to think of trips as a break from so much online life and a chance for some real-world life!) but I'm sitting here in the hotel lobby's Internet cafe having a coffee and saw the computer terminal just staring at me and couldn't resist a quick peak at my e-mail.

I just wanted to post this quick note to tell you that I read all of the messages you guys sent about Troy and although I'm sitting here in a public place crying like a little girl, every single one of them made me feel a little bit better and better and better.

I'm going to get back to what I'm here for, but thanks for caring and helping me through this sad period. :-)

-- kenneth in the (619)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Postcard From Home

For more information about the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association click here.

Troy, Star of Funny Stories, Is Dead at 13

Baby Love: Packed and ready to go in 1994

Troy, whose four-legged high jinks and absurd love of luggage made him the star of countless stories, died Aug. 28 at his Manhattan apartment. He was 13. The cause was complications of lymphoma, said his father, Kenneth Walsh.

After moving to New York from his native Washington, D.C., in the late '90s, Troy became a star on the Manhattan party circuit. His frisky and very public violations of a Woodstock stuffed animal both shocked and delighted his admirers. Troy had previously starred as the villainous home wrecker in the real-life telenovela "Un Gato, Dos Hermanos" and later gained national recognition when a story about his effect on his two dads' relationship ("Love Allergy") appeared in the February 2007 issue of Instinct magazine.
In addition to being a plushie, Troy loved the wrappers and stickers across the top of new compact discs, all things tuna, having his belly rubbed (but only for as long as he wanted it done -- watch out, after) and rolling around on pieces of luggage, any shape or size. For reasons that remain unclear, Troy was terrified of any type of plastic bag.

Troy was born Feb. 8, 1994, to a stray cat mom in the Washington Animal Rescue League. By early April he was so cute that he and his four siblings were moved to the Pet of the Week display window where he was discovered. But despite his adorable pink nose and deluxe stripes, his father recalls that Troy wasn't even his first pick:

"Having grown up with a Siamese cat, I was instantly drawn to Troy's cream-colored sibling. We took (the cream cat) into the visiting room but Rafael (Kenneth's boyfriend at the time) kept saying he liked the 'more active' cat who was pounding his paw on the glass trying to make us notice him." Notice him they did and after another family showed a sudden interest in Troy, Rafael became highly protective of the little critter and nearly knocked the competition down to get him and declared, "He's ours!" Troy went home with them that day and was randomly named as his fathers shouted out names that they thought would be fun to call out. Kenneth liked "T" names because his childhood cat was named Tweet.

"Everyone who ever met Troy immediately fell in love with him," Kenneth recalled. "He was a very good boy. Without Troy here this house is not a home. I'm truly heartbroken."

In addition to his father, Kenneth, Troy is survived by his stepfather, Bernard Michael Smith of New York; two uncles, Bill Walsh of Washington, and Terence Walsh of Chandler, Ariz.; an aunt, Jennfier Jaurigue of Chandler, Ariz. grandparents Molly and Gary Chilinski of Phoenix, and cousins Gordie and Guga of Washington; Mack of Chandler; and Guinness of Chandler.

(Editor's note: Yesterday was one of the worst days I can recall.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Soccer Tragedy

How awful is this? Sevilla midfielder Antonio Puerta died Tuesday, three days after collapsing on the field during his team's Spanish league game against Getafe. The 22-year-old reportedly died of "multiple organ failure stemming from prolonged cardiac arrest" and subsequent coronary problems. (AP)

Spanish Fly

A kind reader sent me these action photos of a shirtless Carlos Moya out at the U.S. Open. He claims they were taken at Arthur Ashe Kids Day but when I look at them my thoughts are strictly Adults Only ... (Thanks, Hector!)

Sporting Wood: Grady Sizemore

Hunky Grady Sizemore is a 25-year-old from Seattle who plays center field for the Cleveland Indians. Look at that smile -- talk about your angels in the outfield ... (Thanks, Mikey!)

A few more photos after the jump. ----->

Page 1 Consider (08/28)

  • Next Stop, U of Phoenix: Meet Ted Haggard's replacement. Need I say more? (DenverPost)

  • A Slap in America's Face: It's bad enough it took Alberto Gonzales this long to resign. But for President Bush to try to turn this into a partisan issue and defend this lying sack of shit calling him "a man of integrity, decency and principle” who had been hounded from office for political reasons is almost worse than any of the things Gonzales was forced to do by Dick Cheney. Bush: "It’s sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeded from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud," he said. God help us all. (NYT)

  • Killer Blow: Kickbacks to Americans for billions of dollars of weapons in Iraq? Can this situation get more f**ked up? (NYT)

  • Love Medieval Style: Civil unions between male couples existed around 600 years ago in medieval Europe, a historian at Shippensburg University says. Historical evidence, including bridal registries legal documents and gravesites, can be interpreted as supporting the prevalence of homosexual relationships hundreds of years ago. In found brotherment contracts, the "brothers" pledged to live together sharing "un pain, un vin, et une bourse,"or "one bread, one wine and one purse." (Fendi, no doubt.) Why does it not surprise me that things were more progressive in the 1400s than they are now? (LiveScience)

  • Amending the 14th Amendment? A man who filed a lawsuit after being allegedly beaten by Chicago police because he is gay is contesting the city’s motion to dismiss his case -- since the city is arguing that gays are not covered under the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause. (Advocate)

  • Asylum: Iranian lesbian threatened with deportation in U.K. and death at home could find refuge in Italy. Can't Melissa Etheridge do something? (AP)

  • Cracker Barrel of Laughs: The former director of California's AIDS/LifeCycle fundraiser has sued two HIV/AIDS nonprofits that put on the ride, claiming they fired him because he is not gay. Jeffrey Shapiro filed suit Thursday in Los Angeles superior court, alleging sexual orientation discrimination and intentional infliction of emotional distress by his former employers, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. (Advocate)

  • Honest to God: What does it tell you about organized religion when a church is having to promote itself as a "hate-free zone"? (Advocate)

  • Stars, They're Just Like Us: They take the kids for hot dogs in New York's Times Square. (AP)

  • A Glutton for Data: No surprise here that obesity rates continued their climb in 31 states last year. No state showed a decline. Mississippi became the first state to crack the 30 percent barrier for adult residents considered to be obese. West Virginia and Alabama are just slightly behind, according to the Trust for America's Health, a research group that focuses on disease prevention. (AP)

  • Remembering a Pioneer

    With the exception of Andre Agassi in his heyday, no one brings out the celebrity crowds more than the Williams sisters -- or Althea Gibson. It was 50 years ago Saturday that Gibson became the first black player, male or female, to win the U.S. National Championships -- the precursor to the U.S. Open -- and an all-star crowd turned out last night at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center at Arthur Ashe Court to remember the late Gibson's contribution to the game. Fittingly Venus and Serena both won their first-round matches after the festivities in Queens on a night when tennis paid a long overdue tribute to the great Althea Gibson.

    Aretha Franklin brought her big voice -- and even bigger wig -- to the stadium, only to be outdone by the Williams gals' mom, Oracene Price. (Is it any wonder Venus and Serena walk around with those ridiculously cheap-looking weaves when their mother goes out in public wearing a Dyan Cannon wig?) Janet Jackson was her usual serious self, below, while Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Carol Moseley Braun were all teeth during the opening ceremonies.
    The legendary Gladys Knight, below, used her smile to light up the whole stadium ...
    And Star Jones pulled Big Gay Al Reynolds out of the Chelsea bars just long enough to watch a few sets, below. And speaking of legends: was it divas night in Flushing last night? There's Roberta Flack alongside Zina Garrison, below ... and Anna Wintour, looking exactly like herself ...
    It came from the '80s: "Cosby Show" mom Phylicia Rashad and Christie Brinkley, below.
    Rain, it's not a good thing: Martha Stewart takes cover.

    Photo Flashback: 2002

    Visiting my old West Hollywood neighborhood, above, and at the Standard Hotel restaurant. (The eggsadilla rules!) See the rest here.

    Lawmakers Gone Wild!

    Maybe Fort Lauderdale's Democratic mayor, Jim Naugle, should reach out across the aisle and speak to Republicans about using public restrooms for sexual encounters. This time around it's homophobic married Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, who was looking for a little porcelain action at a Minneapolis airport in June yet somehow kept his arrest under wraps until yesterday when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in relation to the incident. (What exactly does that mean -- did he get too excited during the game of footsy under the stall separator?) Despite pleading guilty, the senator has gone on the offense insisting -- like Florida state Sen. Bob Allen -- that it was all a big misunderstanding (cocksucking usually is).

    Mike Rogers of BlogActive has been up Craig's hypocritical ass for years (but then again, who hasn't?) and had this to say about the affair (how the senator should run a re-election campaign as a "proud gay American" after looking for some glory-hole action in beyond me, but it's Mike's blog):

    "Larry Craig should stand up and be honest with the citizens of Idaho about who he is. Tonight is a historic opportunity for Senator Craig to run for re-election as a proud gay American. What a great turning point for one of the most conservative states in the country to be represented by an openly gay Senator."
    "Senator Craig's situation is exacerbated by the fact that he has a voting record that is counter to the interest of lesbian and gay Americans. All too often, closeted men like Senator Craig use their voting record to hide their truth from the American people. With this news now out in the open, I call upon Senator Craig to reevaluate his votes on issues like the Federal Marriage Amendment, Don't Ask Don't Tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act.
    "The Minnesota arrest is not a one-time occurrence," Rogers added. "Last October, I reported on three other encounters that Senator Craig had with men – including one in a bathroom in Washington's Union Station. What's troubling about this is Larry Craig's hypocrisy: he repeatedly votes against the gay community during his day job, while engaging in same-sex encounters as extra curricular activity. Now is a good time for Larry Craig to join millions of other Americans and be proud of who he is. (Read the full statement here.)

    Monday, August 27, 2007


    Ashton Kutcher, some guy and Demi Moore (looking very strange in the face) in Central Park. (Thanks, Jean!)

    Closet Break?

    Self-proclaimed straight actor Wentworth Miller and T.R. Knight's ex Luke MacFarlane have been seen about town recently. Hanging out with a gay guy doesn't exactly mean you're gay, but those matching outfits don't exactly help ... (via Andy)

    Came and Went (big surprise that Miller likes to be the passenger ...)

    Morning Wood: Brian Kehoe

    (All photos via WireImage)
    A naked ass picture of model Brian Kehoe -- aka Kehoe from Reno of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency fame -- was my most-viewed blog page last week. No wonder the world's self-proclaimed first supermodel rushed out this photo session of her newly fit(ter) It Boy, who promised me he would try to get in front of the camera more often on Season Three so I'd have more stuff to post. (You won't hear me complaining.)
    Many more after the jump. ----->

    Brady's Buzzcut

    Quarterback Brady Quinn buzzed off his trademark locks. What do we think?

    Page 1 Consider (08/27)

  • The Wrist Slashers: Did Owen Wilson really try to kill himself? (DailyTelegraph)

  • The Jenny Jones Effect: Gay Surges Past 'Panicked' Powell for World 100 Win (AP)

  • Where's Marcia? It was a regular Brady mom-daughter reunion when Florence Henderson and Eve Plumb showed up at Laguna Beach's famed Pageant of the Masters, an annual event in which volunteers are elaborately made up to resemble famous works of art. (Slenderalla Valerie Bertinelli this year's gala benefit. (BW)

  • No Shit, Sherlock: The World Health Organization thinks there's a correlation between rising population and an increase in AIDS and other diseases. I hope they didn't spend too much time trying to figure out this lesson in complete obviousness. (AP)

  • LGBT Health Care: Sometimes even the people closest to me think I'm crazy when I point out the inherent discrimination gay people face on a day to day basis. Something as seemingly routine as a trip to the doctor's office can be filled with landmines, however unintentional. (ColoradoConfidential)

  • Kid 'n' Play: WWE wrestler John Cena and comedian Chris Kattan helped Andy Roddick make this year's Arthur Ashe Kids Day a special occasion. Now let the tournament begin! (Andy's Blog) Stay on top of this year's Open with the NYT's interactive blog.

  • Not Even Her Biggest Deduction: A woman should be allowed to deduct her $25,000 sex-change operation on her federal taxes because her gender identity disorder was a medical condition, her lawyers argued Thursday. (AP)

  • The Fabulous 500: A gay rights organization says that more than 92 percent (463) of the 2007 Fortune 500 companies include sexual orientation in their employment nondiscrimination policies. (Advocate)
  • 'Crazy' in Love

    Tennis players weren't the only ones out this weekend in New York. The city's first couple -- Christy Turlington and Edward Burns -- turned out for the Cinema Society Screening of the documentary "Crazy Sexy Cancer" in East Hampton, as did Katie Couric,legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle and her latest husband,furniture heir/TV host and former model Eric Villency (the glam former prosecutor sure has a thing for metrosexuals, huh? But how HOT is this guy?), who is the father of her newborn son (didn't she just get divorced the other day from SF's hot mayor, Gavin Newsom, whom she couldn't resist naming in her latest NYT wedding announcement?) and ex-Mrs. Rod Stewart No. 12, Rachel Hunter. (Photos by Steven Henry/Getty Images)

    A Day at the Beach

    It was the perfect day for a beach blanket benefit in Malibu, as stars brought their kids out for "Kids Connection," a benefit for The Art of Elysium, a nonprofit organization that encourages actors, artists and musicians to volunteer their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions.

    Brooke Shields checks out pretty baby daughter Rowan Henchy's design ... while model Kristy Hume babysat hubby Donovan Leitch (listen to Susanna Hoffs' "Beekeeper's Blues" if you don't get that one!). Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen -- who looks like he's suffering from manorexia -- spent some quality time with daughter Sam and Joshua Marks (Richard's son?).

    Oddly, the family I was most interested in was Virginia Madsen and her daughter, Mina. Baby Daddy Antonio Sabato Jr. running around shirtless might have had something to do with it ...