Friday, May 31, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/31)

The New York Times: No one knows who "threw the first brick" at Stonewall -- no, not even your aunt's gay best friend's brother -- but thank god someone did

ESPN: National Spelling Bee, at a loss for words, crowns eight co-champions

Pix11: NYC expecting 6 million visitors for Stonewall Uprising 50th anniversary

Variety: I'm ready to be in an abusive relationship with Alexander Skarsgaard again after after seeing how he looked at the "Big Little Lies" premiere

Catherine Rampell: Just a few of the reasons that Trump's Mexico tariffs are deeply stupid

Twitter: So I guess Gus Kenworthy won't be happy until he's officially broken the internet

The Hill: "None of the candidates have a kitty? I'm not voting in 2020" -- Bernie Cat Bros.

Dlisted: There are worse royals you could get knocked up by

The Daily News: Nebraska man sentenced for marrying, having sex with biological daughter after "jealous" competition with half-sister -- and yes, he has neck tattoos

Boy Culture: Did you want to see Elliot Meeten ass in a white Speedo on the beach?

Brian Raftery: Why 1999 was the best movie year ever

Back2Stonewall: Remembering the late Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow flag

Variety: Matt Bomer reveals why he's co-hosting a fundraiser for Pete Buttigieg; my guess is that we're starting to realize the mayor is kinda hot

Instagram: Isn't it about time Vasek Pospisil gave up tennis and called Bel Ami?

The Randy Report: I guess this explains why Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is so horrible to LGBTQ people 

BosGuy: Thank God It's Furry Friday

Towleroad: Lea Delaria talks about her new P-town nightclub where Rosie O'Donnell will perform on July 5

Gr8er Days: Happy birthday to Gregory Harrison, who looks especially sexy here in his tuxedo briefs

Hot Cat of the Day: Beauty in motion ... with fur.

On the Rag, Vol. 557

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Grab (Chicago): They're Proud to Run

Song of the Day: 'Sex Machine' by James Brown

They really don't write 'em like this anymore. 

Page 1 Roundup (05/31)

Morning Wood

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/30)

HuffPost: The important thing is I'm not able to "harass" a closeted hypocrite who made a career out of demonizing LGBTQ people

Twitter: Amy Heckerling's daughter defends her mom against Chris Kattan's sex accusations

Gr8er Days: "The Rocketman" premiere om NYC brought out stars galore -- even Billie Jean King! -- but where was Elton?

Instagram: Hubba, hubba. I see why tennis player Liam Broady is so excited about his new suit

Mother Jones: Activists have a plan to increase abortion access: Let nurses perform them

Slicing Up Eyeballs: The Cure plays an epic "Disintegration" in full, plus rarities, via Sydney webcast (WATCH)

Dlisted: The cat from "Pet Sematary" has mysterious died (and I'm not happy)

Instagram: They don't make himbos like Ted McGinley anymore

Washington Blade: Leslie Jordan, aka Beverley Leslie, on his pony obsession, TV hits and misses and his dream threesome

Greg in Hollywood: I think God was drawing a composite sketch of my boyfriend's kind of guy when he created Adam Huber

PinkNews: Italian town near Milan elects first transgender mayor

The Randy Report: Where else would a storm chaser pop the question to his gay lover?

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Hot Cat of the Day: You'll never find me here!

Kenny Goes to (Twitter) Jail

Here's a photo of me today debating whether to delete my Aaron Schock tweet, which is completely newsworthy

Details HERE.

Thursday Ad Watch

Oh, boy(s).

Song of the Day: 'But for the Grace of God' by Jane Wiedlin

Producer Matt Rollings, Charlotte Caffey, Keith Urban, Jane Wiedlin, Capitol's Mike Dungan and BMI's Harry Warne

Apparently Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin -- the New Wave's Lennon-McCartney -- went to Nashville in 2000 and wound up writing a No. 1 country song for a young Keith Urban, who thinks Char's name is Caffrey! 

Jane's voice seems a little worse for the wear, but you get the idea how sweet this could be.

Keith describes the nearly unsuccessful writing session here.

Page 1 Roundup (05/30)

FYI: I'm going to be on "The Adam Sank Show" discussing my Twitter suspension this Saturday at 11 a.m. More info HERE.

Morning Wood

More of the repeat offender Diego HERE.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/29)

ATP Tour: Go up close and personal with Juan Martin del Potro as he travels the road to recovery

The Daily News: Robert Mueller says he didn’t clear Trump on obstruction of justice in dramatic statement -- it’s up to Congress to act

Mother Jones: 2020 candidates call for impeachment in response to Mueller's press conference

Vice: Can you imagine your own therapist committing suicide?

Jump212: Thank god it's Ass Wednesday

Dey Street: I'm strangely not that excited about Debbie Harry's upcoming autobiography ("Face It"); she's already admitted she can't remember much and her most famous story (about Ted Bundy) has been proven to be false -- but maybe she'll surprise me

Twitter: Exactly which part of this constitutes "hateful" conduct? 

Instinct: Twitter makes a drastic move after Aaron Schock's alleged sexual video leaks

Instagram: Big Jesse Palmer puts on a show in the dressing room and out

Twitter: Sorry, Elizabeth: I'm looking to put another cat in the White House

CNN: Has Republican Congressman Justin Amash been working out?

The Randy Report: When you miss being a couple but can't give up sexual freedom

Towleroad: White Mississippi campground manager pulls gun on black couple having picnic. Your move, Alabama

Boy Culture: Too hot to wait till Speedo Sunday

The Independent: It just got a lot harder to get some Lebanese c**k

Dlisted: Roman Polanski's bright wife is made that he's a character in a movie about ... the murder of his first wife

NewNowNext: More gay men are looking for love on the dating app Hinge because of this power couple

Gr8er Days: The effortlessly hot and handsome John Payne was born on this day

Hot Cat of the Day: This is a re-enactment of my trying to get Harvey to go back in the apartment after letting him play in the hall for too long

How the Gig Economy Seamlessly Rapes Us All

Any food-delivery app users out there? Just noticed the preset tipping range has been bumped up quite a lot -- on top of an automatic delivery fee -- even higher than you would pay for table service. (A 30% tip on a delivery order? Come on!) I can only take this to mean the wonderful gig economy provides delivery people with no hourly wage, no benefits and what else, having to give the restaurant a cut? Or maybe this is their way of (our) “giving” their delivery staff a raise. All this is to say the only player in this whole equation not getting screwed is the Silicon Valley company that created the app, which surely is getting its cut and more. 

Wrestle Wednesday

If you've got it, FLAUNT IT.

First banned from Twitter and now from Facebook. Do I hear Instagram?!