Friday, June 30, 2017

Germany Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, as Cynical Merkel Votes Against It

Marriage equality is coming to Germany just in time for my weekend arrival. But shame on Angela Merkel, who scored election points for allowing a free vote (unlike Malcolm Turnbull in Australia) but can still suck up to the most conservative members of her party by pointing to her personally opposing it. (If marriage is really between one man and one woman, how is she married to a man?)

ABC Sigh-witness News

Maybe The New York Times is right to obliterate its copy desk -- ABC Eyewitness News has figured out a much cheaper way to edit its online stories. 

Gus Kenworthy Receives HRC Visibility Award

Gus Kenworthy writes:
So honored to have received the HRC's Visibility Award this past weekend. I'm definitely not used to standing at this type of podium but I did my best. Watch my speech HERE.
Seems well-deserved to me. And he sure cleans up nicely -- although his "visibility" tends to be more centered on when he's a little more undressed!

Kid Tells Annie Lennox She May Have a Future in Music

This reminds me of when "the kids" were so blown away by Annie Lennox's performance of "I Put a Spell on You" at the 2015 Grammys. The Autotune Generation didn't realize people could actually sing ... live! #whatbecomesalegendmost

Julian Edelman Takes It Off for ESPN's Body Issue

You''ll be begging for unnecessary roughness HERE.

On the Rag, Vol. 464

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

Delta Sky: This in-flight publication (un)officially became gay with this cover

HIV Plus: We're Fighting for So Much Right Now — Don't Forget About HIV

Get Out!: Poor Cyndi Lauper still has to tour to pay for that $989/month palace on the Upper West Side

Cybersocket (not work friendly): Nude beaches and cruising spots for gays are becoming increasingly rare. Find out where the boys (still) are ...

Winq (United Kingdom): Andrew Scott on "Hamlet," Ireland’s transformation, and exploring his inner darkness

Out magazine: 4 queer Apple employees on self-discovery and LGBTQ advocacy

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Nicholas Rodriguez on nontraditional casting, becoming an LGBTQ role model, and the joy of Sondheim 

Q Salt Lake: The man who set the fire that killed well-known Salt Lake City restaurateur John Williams plead guilty to first-degree felony counts of aggravated murder and aggravated arson

POZ: Meet six activists living with  HIV and fighting for your rights -- including my pal Tim Murphy!

Edge Media: Serbia Lawmakers Elect First Female, Openly Gay Premier

DNA (Australia): Alexander Dorokhov gets better with age

Attitude (U.K.): "Before I Got Famous" comes to the World Wide Web

TĂȘtu (France): Let's take a walk in the woods 

The Gay U.K.: What are the bisexual myths that drive you mad?

QX (London): The Pride issue is out now!

GCN (Dublin): Liam Neeson Calls for Northern Ireland to Stop Shitting on Marriage Equality

The Fight: A gay street gang from Little Rock, Arkansas, “The House of Avalon” is redefining party life and fashion in L.A.

Passport Magazine: Exploring Aarhus, Denmark

Gay Times (U.K.): Watch a wet Tom Daley take his most extreme selfie yet

Song of the Day: 'Vacation' (live) by the Go-Go's

Leaving for Munich, Vienna, London (Wimbledon!) and Glasgow tomorrow. Harvey & Co. will be holding down the fort -- and you can expect irregular updates from overseas as well!

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (06/30)

The New York Post: Anyone who thinks Trump supporters will turn on him for his latest "low blow" is delusional. They voted for him BECAUSE of this kind of vile behavior.

Page Six: Was disgusted when MSNBC took in two Fox rejects. Kudos for dropping Greta "Roger never sexually assaulted me" Van Susteren for Ari Melber. Now they just need to lose that other blond hack.

The Daily News: The ugly American President

The New York Times: Trump only makes fun of plastic surgery on women he hasn't fucked -- that's why he doesn't say anything about Melania or Ivanka

The Wall Street Journal: Top of the Pecking Order for Fighting Ticks -- Chickens 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

'No Editors, No Peace!'

Several hundred New York Times employees walked out this afternoon to protest planned cuts to the paper's copy desk. I wish my brother Bill were here to see this. (No one said a peep when they outsourced my NYT job to nonunion editors in Gainesville!)

From HERE.

Justin Theroux Will Get Naked if 'The Leftovers' Wins an Emmy

Co-creator Damon Lindelof claims the sweatpants will come off if "The Leftovers" garners an Emmy. And we know there's PLENTY to see. 

Getting to re-appreciate how hot JT was on "Six Feet Under" while watching the series again with Damian.

And to think people once pitied Jennifer Aniston for losing Brad Pitt!

'Where' in the World Are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Walsh?

My sister-in-law, Jacqueline, writes a popular blog about life on Capitol Hill. Much to our delight, one of her eagle-eyed readers noticed this photo of the cover of a D.C. tourist freebie magazine, which happens to be a photo of Jacqueline and my brother Bill walking home from a Washington Nationals game! She says it must have been from spring 2016 because they only attended one game last year, shortly before my brother's diagnosis. I found this discovery incredibly touching -- so candid -- and it reminded me of two other inadvertent magazine appearances by members of my family. My mom recalls the time the side of my dad's head could be seen in Life magazine sitting in the train station in Chicago when they were returning from Omaha (her hometown) to Pottsville, Pa., about a month or two before Bill was born. (If there's a copy in the family archives, I've yet to see it.) And one of my fellow interns noticed my big head sticking out in a crowd of Washington press corps members at a White House event on the cover of the National Journal back in 1989! Has this ever happened to you?

Part of stock-image history!

BREAKING: Child Acts Out to Get Attention

Normally everything the president says and does is news. But he's not a real president so shouldn't be treated like one. If nothing else, not breathlessly reporting on his juvenile antics is worth a shot. #fakepresident

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Don't care what his nickname is. But I'm going to guess hers is "Noxema woman."

International Jock Announce 5th Annual Made in the USA Sale

Shop till you pop HERE.

'Hooked' on Love

Boy Culture has the full scoop on the NYC premiere of Max Emerson's LGBTQ-themed film called "Hooked" HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Playing With Fire' by Nick Leng

Heard this one on "Flaked," Will Arnett's half-hour dramedy whose second season just went up on Netflix. Arnett is looking hotter than ever -- he may have fallen off the alcohol wagon in real life, but he never skips the gym -- and never misses a chance to flaunt it. But after reading the streaming giant is cutting back on original programming -- and realizing the second season went from eight episodes to six -- I have a feeling this may be the end for this offbeat charmer.

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