Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RIP, Gore Vidal

The legendary author, playwright, essayist, screenwriter and political activist died today in Los Angeles. He was 86. Read his New York Times obituary HERE.

Just Curious

With photos of guys like Tom Daley -- in a barely there Speedo -- making the rounds from the 2012 Summer Games, why would someone feel the need to:

 Take a photo that is NOT even from the Olympics AND Photoshop it? (Big surprise, it went viral.)

I mean, really. Get it together, girls.

First Look: Matt Damon as Liberace's Lover Scott Thorson

Here's a peek at Matt Damon as Liberace's lover Scott Thorson in Steven Soderbergh's highly anticipated "Behind the Candelabra." Michael Douglas, bottom, plays Liberace.

Damon gives off more of a Shaun Cassidy vibe to me, but OK ...

The real Thorson underwent numerous surgeries to look more like Lee

Douglas is a dead ringer for Johnny Cash

Tuesday Ad Watch

The Time She Shot Andy Warhol

In case you missed it, Jezebel writer/editor Dodai Stewart penned a fun essay for the New York Times Opnionator, about how after moving to New York City at age 7, she had a a suspicion that she was destined for fame and fortune. (Singing all of those songs from "Annie" at the top of her lungs may have clouded her judgment -- and mine!) Her fate, she writes, seemed all but sealed when she spotted Andy Warhol at a flea market and captured this nearly perfect photo! Read HERE.

Nick Thoman for President

He was clean-cut when he won the silver medal in the 100-meter backstroke yesterday. But Nick Thoman -- a Midwesterner who went to college in Arizona -- definitely won the crowd's hearts with his sweet demeanor and shy smile.

My Left Foot

  My self-described "bullshit MRI" supposedly revealed a tear in that tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot, which is supposedly related to why my plantar fasciitis will not heal. I'm still skeptical of it all. Now my heal hurts worse than ever, which my doctor informed me was "impossible." (No, it's possible!)


Song of the Day: 'Save It for Later' by the (English) Beat

I confess: The (English) Beat are probably the band whose singles I liked best that I pursued other music by least.


Social Studies

A Losing Game of Chicken

An interesting look at the Chick-fil-A controversy from my pal Hank Plante, who says church-fart chicken peddlers are the exception rather than the rule: "One of the most significant trends in the battle for gay rights -- and one of the most underreported -- is how many Fortune 500 companies have chosen sides: the Gay side." Read his column in the San Francisco Chronicle HERE.

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Morning Wood

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cuban Missile Crisis

While I had my heart set on another midget from the U.S. men's gymnastics team, I may have to rethink things now that Cuban-born Danell Leyva has sent semi-nude photos of himself to adoring "female" fans.  (Is the U.S. Olympic Committee OK with this? I am. And what about THIS?) Via Deadspin.

Tastes Like Chicken

Leave it to my childhood idol Kermit to get the last word.

And in related news via The Onion, Wendy's has spoken out in support of same-sex marriage, but wants interracial couples to know they have a beef with them. Read HERE.

Ben Cohen Covers Gay Times

  The former rugby hunk has never found a gay magazine he didn't want to strip for, not that anyone is complaining.

Caption Me

Sign Language

 With thanks to Scott: I believe the preferred term is "power" bottoms, but nice acknowledgement nonetheless.

Ricky Martin Coming to the Small Screen

Although I've heard Ricky Martin's quite good in "Evita," I never ended up seeing it on Broadway because I've heard such horrible things about the lead. Not to worry, though. I may get to see a lot more of him as he's just inked a TV holding deal with NBCUniversal. One episode of "Glee" under her belt and she thinks she deserves her own show!  Read HERE.


This is way more fun than anything going on in London! Watch HERE.

Monday Ad Watch

Why am I not the least bit surprised Stuart Elliott is all over this lord of the rings, which is my favorite part of the 2012 Summer Olympics ...


Pennsylvania Turn Dyke

Wow, THIS is really gruesome. Lifetime needs to get Leisha Hailey's agent on the phone, stat.

Follow Suit

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Family Matters

 Good lord.  (h/t to Joe.)

Tim Tebow's Wet Dream

Playing the part of the high school cheerleader who forgot to wear underwear to the big game, Tim Tebow said he was "shocked" by all the attention his shirtless run in the rain was getting. Read HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Honalu' by Holly Beth Vincent

Holly Beth Vincent was the unsung hero of the New Wave. Her band Holly and the Italians' first album, "The Right to Be Italian," was the perfect blend of power pop, '60s girl group and punk attitude, yet somehow never found an audience the way Blondie and the Pretenders did. But it was her confusingly titled debut solo LP, called "Holly and the Italians," that convinced me she was a genius. With its lush orchestration, thick production and dark subject matter, it was like no other album from the era. Fans of her first release were horrified by it, but some 30 years later it remains one of the period's best. In the 2000s, Wounded Bird put out superb reissues of both LPs, complete with tons of bonus material. Both seem to be out of print now, but you can download the classic "Holly and the Italians" LP HERE.


More fun HBV clips HERE.

Sign Language

With thanks to David in Toronto -- bragworthy, indeed!

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Nailed It

 Spotted by my nephew-in-law Justin as we were driving to his brother's house in Hicksville (Long Island).

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Diary of a Wimpy Politico

 No one buys Newsweek, but they still know how to get people talking.

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