Sunday, July 31, 2016

Speedo Sunday

A young one to mix it up!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

'Looking' Back

Loved pretty much everything about HBO's "Looking" movie. (Seeing Kevin's point of view on the Patrick fiasco was pure genius, and I appreciate that they ended it with another ellipsis.) But nothing was better than Doris's quote, below.

Anti-Gay Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous -- UPDATE

UPDATE: Gus reached out and after some thoughtful messages back and forth, he expressed regret about attending the birthday party of Brunei's anti-gay dictator's son. Unlike the Sultan himself, I don't think anyone is looking to stone any gays here. Gus is new to this, so can be forgiven for occasionally stepping in mud. But what I admire is that unlike Caitlyn, he shows a willingness to have a conversation and learn new information, which puts him ahead of about 45% of Americans. Onward, LGBT comrades

Gus Kenworthy posted a photo from the son of the Sultan of Brunei's birthday party in London but quickly deleted it when he realized celebrating a member of a family that is looking to make being gay punishable by stoning isn't something an Instagram filter can make look pretty. (One of my readers retrieved it, above.) I don't have a clue what Prince Azim is going through -- by all accounts he's gay (he worships Mariah has a charity handbag line!) -- but so far he seems to live the life of a socialite who can pay to have his pick of celebrities fly in for his birthday and not worry about his safety. While enabling this "wealth can shield me from what my government is doing to my LGBT comrades" mentality is par for the course for Caitlyn Jenner, I'd hoped for more from Gus and his actor boyfriend. Have you guys not at least heard about the boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel?

I got the wrong Matthew. He's @MattWilkas.

Not surprisingly, The Daily Mail wrote up Caitlyn's outfit, but made no mention of the occasion. 

Read HERE.

Read HERE.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Gay Officer Hurt in Dallas Ambush Faces Lengthy Recovery, 30% Pay Cut

An openly gay Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer wounded in July 7 attack that left five dead could sure use your help. Officer Jesus Retana's hubby, Andrew Moss, explains HERE.

Going Out of Business

The Out NYC never made any sense in the first place -- gay people don't want to stay in a hotel in New York City created "for gays." But it made even less sense when we found out its owners were Republican-supporting, gay-hating idiots. Read HERE.

He Said, She Said

This is pretty ingenious.

On the Rag, Vol. 418

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

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HRC Checklist

Some good advice -- especially No. 2 on the "do" list!

Meet Hillary's Hot Nephew, Tyler Clinton

If you're anything like me, you must have noticed the handsome, wavy-haired young man who joined Hillary Clinton & Co. on-stage after her acceptance speech last night in Philly. My first guess was that he was one of Tim Kaine's brood. But it turns out he refers to the next president of the United States as "Aunt Hillary" -- he's Roger Clinton's son! (Must be the mom.) Tyler, who recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, either runs (or ran?) the Let's Grow Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on revitalizing and preserving natural resources in an effort to stop global warming and deliver vital resources to developing/underprivileged regions, in addition to being a full-time heartbreaker.

Can't tell if he's gay or millennial. 

He posts pictures of Beyonce and of himself with his arm around cute boys -- and posed for these photos! -- but does that mean anything anymore?

(Photos by Adina Doria)

FYI: Uncle Bill gave the commencement address when Tyler graduated from college.

Let's Get Physio

Damian, who usually isn't into baldies, noticed hunky "physical conditioning coach" Slaven Hrvoj when he was working on Ivo Karlovic the other night. More of the built Croatian HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Summer in the City' by the Lovin' Spoonful

Brilliant as it is, "Do You Believe in Magic" might even be better. Thoughts?

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (07/29)

Smart Girl: Malia Obama skipped the DNC for Lollapalooza  

Read HERE.

And I Do Mean 'Odd': Hillary Clinton fires back at Donald Trump to close DNC, saying 'a man you can bait with a tweet can't be trusted with nuclear codes' / Read HERE.

Hear Her Roar: Clinton Declares Election a 'Moment of Reckoning' / Read HERE.

This Beach Cabana Has Lousy Wi-Fi / Read HERE.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Her So-Called Life


From HERE.

Debbie Harry's 'Koo Koo' Turns 35

I've written a lot about the Blondie singer's solo debut -- HERE, HEREHERE, HERE and HERE to point you to a few. But still I can't resist marking its 35th birthday after coming across this poster, which I amazingly did not have. 

QUESTION: What's your favorite Deb solo album?

I did, however, have the (very cool) light box and combo "Koo Koo"/"Best of Blondie" promo poster.

Undercover Lover

It's like Harvey knows we're still mourning Larry and worried about Billy, so invents new ways to be extra adorable every day.

U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Icon Harvey Milk

About time he got more recognition. First a street, then our cat, a shout-out in Tim Kaine's veep acceptance speech and now this. Keep 'em coming for the person -- dead or alive -- I'd most like to have dinner with! Read HERE.

Sign Language

Jesus. I hope to God they haven't already sold it. From HERE.

Mail Re-Call

Redacted to protect the less-attractive child.

Not sure what's more hilarious: that my sister and I loved getting mail so much as kids (didn't you?!) that we set up our own mailboxes and wrote each other back and forth -- despite having bedrooms that were next to one another. Or how my sister finished her text to me when she recently discovered one of my correspondences: