Thursday, July 28, 2016

Undercover Lover

It's like Harvey knows we're still mourning Larry and worried about Billy, so invents new ways to be extra adorable every day.


One of the CA 36,000+ said...

Cute kitten!

We lost an absolutely lovable Scottish fold three years ago that actually resembled your Larry (he didn't have the folded ears of the breed-- his brother from the same litter does, however). We adopted a Bengal mix kitten to be a companion to the surviving cat-- he was not taking the death of his brother well. The new cat is full of life, full of love and gets along great with the older cat. But what's weird is the fact that the new cat is beginning to act a lot like our late kitty. My husband has decided that we have at least one, maybe two or three ghost kitties ( my husband has lived in this house 27 years) who are advising the new cat on appropriate adorable behavior. Maybe Larry is letting Harvey know what works in your household...!

Unknown said...

Gotta love those eyes

Cat Ain't Got My Tongue said...

Look at that face!