Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Let Russian Daria Kasatkina Play Under the Rainbow Flag

The New York Times has a great piece on how the war in Ukraine has turned tennis into a battlefield, the highlight of which was learning that Elina Svitolina's grandmother refuses to leave Odesa because she couldn't bear to be apart from her cat! (I asked Damian if he'd leave the Upper West Side if Moscow invaded and reached, say, Weehawken, N.J., right across the Hudson River from us and he said no way!) Also fascinating to learn that many Ukrainians are abandoning their first language -- Russian -- and migrating to Ukrainian. But one critical point that I think is lost in the vitriol many Ukrainian players feel toward their Russian counterparts, who they see as complicit in their silence, is that they and their families could EASILY GET MURDERED if they are too vocal in their opposition to Putin. (Surely they must understand this, no?) 

That goes double for Daria Kasatkina, who is in violation of Moscow's so-called "anti-gay-propaganda" -- now with even more hatred -- law by merely existing. Her suggestion of playing under the Rainbow flag may have been in jest, but it sounds like the perfect solution to me. 

Remains of the Day (08/30)

Wrestle Wednesday: Assume the position

Game Show Legend Bob Barker Is Dead at 99

ICYMI: I'd like to think the handsy game-show host is laughing at this post somewhere on soundstage in the sky! Full obituary HERE.

Read about the time Bob asked a strapping gay contestant about having a girlfriend HERE!

Weekend Tennis Roundup

While I was getting hitched, Sebastian Baez won in Winston-Salem and Sara Sorribes Tormo won in Cleveland. Full report plus all the ATP beef that's fit to post -- including some not particularly safe for work(!) -- BELOW.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Waking Up in Vegas

We're flying back to NYC today, but I wanted to give a shoutout to my nephew, AJ, whose 21st birthday weekend in Sin City inspired us to tack on our wedding ceremony when we realized everyone from my family -- including my Arizona-based mother who can no longer fly -- would be in a one place at one time! 

Also, a big thank you to Damian's oldest sister, Patty, who represented his side of the family -- like my own, his mom doesn't fly these days, and others were overseas at the time of our last-minute affair -- as well as officiated the ceremony. She is a complete sweetheart and did a wonderful job! xo 

Monday, August 28, 2023

At Last

My special guy and I finally tied the knot yesterday, at the famed Little Church of the West. It was nothing like we had originally planned — Las Vegas isn’t our style, nor is dressing up in 103-degree heat. (Our gray tuxedos matched our cat Harvey’s to a T!) But after Covid, two cancer battles and an arson left our families reeling, this turned out to be just the right moment to have a small ceremony for my Southwest brood, along with a couple of special guests from around the country. 

I’m sure I will post more later. But I quickly wanted to share the joyous news with you all, while soaking in the tub at the Waldorf-Astoria on the Strip, pretending I’m in my beloved (212).

Friday, August 25, 2023

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On the Rag, Vol. 774

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Dallas Voice: Drag Wars!

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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Fuzz Cut

Some fun stuff already happening out at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center, including mixed-doubles action, a slice-backhand competition, a star-studded benefit for Ukraine plus the return of Novak Djokovic's impersonations! Looking forward to our annual pilgrimage to Flushing Meadows over Labor Day weekend. 🎾

P.S. Have a look at the draw HERE.

Any predictions? 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Woman Who Shoved Beloved Singing Coach Pleads Guilty to First-Degree Manslaughter

City Council member Erik Bottcher just shared this update on a case that horrified New Yorkers:
Lauren Pazienza pleaded guilty on Wednesday to first-degree manslaughter for fatally shoving Penn South resident Barbara Maier Gustern, a beloved, 87-year-old Broadway singing coach last March. Pazienza reached an agreement with the Manhattan district attorney’s office to serve eight years in prison and five years of post-release supervision. I want to thank the Manhattan DA and NYPD for their work on this case. While this will not bring Barbara back, I’m grateful that her killer is being brought to justice.

The AP reports:
Lauren Pazienza, 28, teared up in court as she admitted randomly attacking Barbara Maier Gustern on March 10, 2022. Gustern, whose students included Blondie singer Debbie Harry, lay bleeding on a sidewalk as Pazienza walked away, prosecutors said. Gustern died five days later. 

“Today’s plea holds Pazienza accountable for her deadly actions,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement. 
Gustern’s relatives, some of whom were in court, said they were disappointed with Pazienza's plea deal and agreed-upon prison sentence -- a fraction of the maximum 25 years she would've faced if convicted at trial.
At the risk of sounding like my mother, I hope Pazienza uses her time behind bars to think about how her unbridled rage and utter disregard for human life hurt so many.

Remains of the Day (08/23)

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