Friday, May 31, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/31)

The New York Times: No one knows who "threw the first brick" at Stonewall -- no, not even your aunt's gay best friend's brother -- but thank god someone did

ESPN: National Spelling Bee, at a loss for words, crowns eight co-champions

Pix11: NYC expecting 6 million visitors for Stonewall Uprising 50th anniversary

Variety: I'm ready to be in an abusive relationship with Alexander Skarsgaard again after after seeing how he looked at the "Big Little Lies" premiere

Catherine Rampell: Just a few of the reasons that Trump's Mexico tariffs are deeply stupid

Twitter: So I guess Gus Kenworthy won't be happy until he's officially broken the internet

The Hill: "None of the candidates have a kitty? I'm not voting in 2020" -- Bernie Cat Bros.

Dlisted: There are worse royals you could get knocked up by

The Daily News: Nebraska man sentenced for marrying, having sex with biological daughter after "jealous" competition with half-sister -- and yes, he has neck tattoos

Boy Culture: Did you want to see Elliot Meeten ass in a white Speedo on the beach?

Brian Raftery: Why 1999 was the best movie year ever

Back2Stonewall: Remembering the late Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow flag

Variety: Matt Bomer reveals why he's co-hosting a fundraiser for Pete Buttigieg; my guess is that we're starting to realize the mayor is kinda hot

Instagram: Isn't it about time Vasek Pospisil gave up tennis and called Bel Ami?

The Randy Report: I guess this explains why Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is so horrible to LGBTQ people 

BosGuy: Thank God It's Furry Friday

Towleroad: Lea Delaria talks about her new P-town nightclub where Rosie O'Donnell will perform on July 5

Gr8er Days: Happy birthday to Gregory Harrison, who looks especially sexy here in his tuxedo briefs

Hot Cat of the Day: Beauty in motion ... with fur.


demc7 said...

why is it gay celebs get 2 extra points on the hot scale? If Mayor Pete was walking down the street- 9 out of 10 gay guys wouldn't look twice.

Sean said...

Id look at him. And if I heard him speak Id look 3/x

jaragon said...

Mayor Pete is an attractive man- one should be lucky to have a guy like that waiting at home