Friday, May 29, 2015

Renée Is French for 'Reborn'

The Woman Who Paved the Way for Men to Become Women 

 Forty years before Bruce Jenner announced his intent to transition, another star athlete made the same decision against the backdrop of a much less understanding world. His name was Richard Raskind; now it's Renée Richards. Here, a rare interview with the quiet trailblazer whose struggle laid the groundwork for Jenner, Transparent, and the transgender community's historic moment

 Revealing interview with Dr. Renee Richards by GQ's editor at large, Michael Hainey, whose memoir I read a couple years ago. Although he -- and, oddly, Renee -- seems to gloss over the fact that much like Bruce Jenner, Richard Raskind married and fathered a child after having nearly completely transitioning, there are some great moments here, including Dr. Richards' thoughts on the re-branding of "transsexualism," parents who transition and new details about the tennis champ's post-surgery love life. Read HERE.

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