Monday, February 19, 2024

Remains of the Day (02/19)

NYP49ers running back Christian McCaffrey seems like he'll be just fine ... revisit when he first caught my eye in his white compression shorts HERE.

Caption Me;: Size matters

Boy CultureCheck out a wonderful Q&A with Susan Seidelman after a rare screening of "Making Mr. Right," which came and went in 1987 despite an incredible cast including Ann Magnuson, John Malkovich and Lauire Metcalf -- who had starred in the director's 1985 masterpiece, "Desperately Seeking Susan"

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JT said...

The USA Today article about Marco Troper does not mention a drug overdose or fentanyl, but I guess other outlets reported the family "suspect" it was the case... maybe they knew something about prior use... But yes always sad to lose someone for that and especially when young.