Tuesday, July 28, 2015

30 Artists on the Songs They Wish They'd Written

I'm not a musician, but even I have a few songs that I wish I'd written, so I thought this New Musical Express article was going to be fascinating. It wasn't quite as good as I was hoping, but a few caught my attention.

Ian McCulloch, Echo and the Bunnymen

Abba, ‘The Winner Takes It All’: “It’s incredible that Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote it, knowing what his missus [Agneta Faltskog] was going through because of him, especially when he was the ugliest cunt in the world. He sees it from the woman’s point of view so well.”

Courtney Barnett

Lou Reed, 'Perfect Day': “Every time I hear it just kills me a little bit. I got into Loud Reed fairly recently, just from meeting other musicians and them introducing me to stuff.”

Brett Anderson, Suede

Don McLean, ‘Vincent’: “The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are just so perfect: 'The silver thorn of bloody rose/Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow'. It gives me a shiver just thinking about it. It’s so sad and beautiful and manages to find that bittersweet holy grail the songwriter is always looking for.”

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