Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kitchen Sink Drama

For those who have been following the ongoing Stovegate scandal over here, just wanted to give you a quick update. After having no working stove for a month -- the gas was turned off in the building and they were supposedly "offering" us new electric replacements -- the mysterious Jose finally showed up with the new appliance, which appears to be a model from Hotpoint's Utilitarian(TM) collection. While I'm happy the Taco Night embargo has been lifted, one furry fella isn't exactly buying what he's seeing.  

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Norm! said...

More than you need to know: We use that same Hotpoint model since our apartment building was built 15 years ago. Hotpoint is a GE brand, so it's reliable. I recall only two oven repairs for the entire 40-unit building (oven thermostat).

Two tips: the top of the oven opens for cleaning under the drip pans and the smaller 24-inch oven will cook quicker than a standard size oven so be careful about drying-out your Thanksgiving turkey.