Sunday, December 29, 2013

Was QB Aaron Rodgers Outed by His Increasingly Impatient (Ex-)Boyfriend? (UPDATE)

There is compelling evidence that Super Bowl-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of the NFL players who was supposedly close to coming out of the closet last summer. 

Is this man a Green Bay packer?

It never happened, of course. But now it seems his rumored lover, Kevin Lanflisi, has been tweeting and deleting cryptic messages like the ones above, leading some to speculate they broke up because their relationship was never brought out in the open. This, along with many old quotes from Rodgers that certainly sound like Kevin is more than his "roommate," has me believing. (Friends in Wisconsin say this would be "no surprise.") Would be HUGE if he came out. Read the full story and decide for yourself HERE or HERE. To be honest, the mustache alone was pretty much all the evidence I needed.

Who's the hag?

With this ring, I thee bed

UPDATE: As it would happen, a friend of mine read this post as he was sitting at a table in South Beach with one of Aaron's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model ex-girlfriends. She doesn't believe the rumor and said she would be "shocked" if it were true, adding: 
"There was never an ounce of me that would make me think he was gay." 
Words I'm pretty sure Jason Collins' ex said, too. Julie, who reportedly used to date Russell Simmons as well, also said she doesn't know Kevin.

UPDATE 2: Good lord. Someone purporting to be Aaron Rodgers' dad just wrote to tell me, among other things, that his son is engaged to a "beautiful Christian woman." Read HERE.

5 things to know about the rumored lover HERE.

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