Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Ending?

Regular readers know that I have been none-too-pleased since the Best Chinese Qi Gong Tui-na Back Rub and Foot Rub for Men and Women salon moved into the basement of my residence. I don't care if it's the BEST or not -- and don't be fooled by the catchy name -- I don't like it. My apartment building is nothing fancy -- your typical five-story walkup in Chelsea -- but it's always been clean and a comfortable place to call home.

But ever since the YOURS SPA (as it's also known, reason ahead) took up occupancy, the building is cluttered with tacky signs all over the place and chainsmoking employees on the stoop 24 hours a day. That alone was enough to make me furious, but imagining what was really going on down there skeeved me out even more. (Apparently they even massage MEM!)

So imagine my utter delight when I came home from lunch this afternoon to see that the New York City Buildings department had finally paid our cellar friends a visit -- and apparently did not like what they saw any more than I do. Although it doesn't seem to come out and accuse them of prostitution, it does refer to it as a "massage parlor with four beds" that is being operated "contrary to that in which is allowed" in the cellar that is to be used for "offices, storage and boiler room." I'm hoping this is just the ticket to send our demonstrative neighbors packing. Then all we'll need is to hire a crew to take the 18 signs down and sterilize the premises and I can resign my lease in peace.


Unknown said...

Very bad rellection on your landlord. Does not seem to care much about the building or the residential tenants. He/she is fully liable for this illegal use. And you should call 311 about those banners too. They are illigal as well.

Danny in WeHo said...

Sadly, it's probably not enough to get them out. I had a Thai Massage place open up a block away from me and most of the time I pass by there's at least one emloyee out front smoking, or taking advantage of the free wi-fi from the coffee shop next door. It used to be worse... they had set up two or three lawn chairs out front to sit, smoke and talk. Most upsetting is seeing a small baby grow up, literally in front of my eyes. I see her in a carriage, the back seat of an SUV parked in front and walking up & down my block EVERYDAY. They have no day care for her. Once I saw the Sheriff's Department escorting two handcuffed masseurs to their cars... apparently they were giving more than massage. The place is still open months after.
I'm not against the business itself, just the clutter and the constant smoking on the sidewalk. Fortunately the City's code enforcement has been pretty good about keeping on top of them and other clutterers.

JM said...

How yucky. I do empathize with you.