Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Remains of the Day (05/29)

Wrestle Wednesday: Can't hide the bulge

My friend Frank Anthony Polito's latest book, "Haunted to Death" -- described as "Hart to Hart" via HGTV on All Hallows' Eve -- goes on sale in August. Save 20% by preordering now HERE.


Jaradon said...

Wactors death is a tragedy...that wrestlers is looking for a date

Jinxy said...

Heartwarming to read Wactor's co-worker was able to hold him in his final moments. I'm glad he didn't die alone. Such a tragedy. Seinfeld is not the most masculine man. lol Still don't like looking at him and have never understood that show. I adore Julia but she wasn't enough to compel me to watch it.