Monday, May 06, 2024

Remains of the Day (05/06)

Manspread Monday: Who's a good boy?

THR: Well, don't this beat all? For 50 years I've thought people were making a fat joke at the late Cass Elliot's expense when it turns out her manager -- that Allan Carr, who was no stranger to a double-decker delight himself -- actually conspired with a journalist to TELL THE WORLD Mama had choked to death on a ham sandwich. This isn't so much an urban legend but a deliberate coverup that turned out to be unnecessary when the autopsy later revealed she died of a heart attack, not a drug overdose or something else Carr might have thought would look bad. Unbelievable. Now any update on that gerbil?

Hot Cat of the Day: He's got a ticket to ride 

Homo Box Office: Since the one topic everyone likes to discuss seems to be what to watch, off the top of my head I can tell you: "Unfrosted" (didn't know what I was getting, but silly fun); "You" (Damian watched without me years ago and I'm just finishing season two of this incredibly f**ked up series); "Hacks" (season 3 premiere was perfect); "Moonlighting" (have finally made it to season 3 of this highly uneven "classic"); "Finding Andrea" (WTF?); "The Idea of You" (it was there and Nicholas Galitzine looks like that!); and "The Layover" (horrific, but Matt Barr looks like that!). Best of all: Since "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ended I have been craving something else acclaimed, so have taken "The Larry Sanders Show" from the top. Not only does it hold up, it's somehow even better as a more wizened viewer who knows where celebrity "went" later.

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