Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Remains of the Day (04/17)

AutoStraddle52 TV shows with gay and bi women characters that were axed after just one season -- would also like to see a full LGBT list with the hilarious "It's All Relative" (2003-04)

RemindTom Selleck gives fans an inside look at his "accidental" career in new memoir (Note: I tend to like guys as they age, but I must admit the pre-fame Tom on "Taxi" back in 1978 was definitely the hottest he's ever been!)

Gr8er Days: The "Airplane!" soundtrack will finally be available in full ... but will it include "River of Jordan" by everyone's favorite stewardess, played Lorna Patterson?!!!

Threads: I get -- and accept -- that language is constantly evolving. So my only comment on THIS is that I'm not convinced an offensive term for any other minority group in this country (black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, etc.) would be readily accepted by older members of any of those groups during their lifetimes if younger people started spewing it -- much less be expected to be accepted at the risk of ridicule. So I'm not sure why LGBT people immediately get lambasted as boomers (or worse) for not readily jumping on board with this.


Edgar_Carpenter said...

I'm ok with "queer" when used by LGBTQ+ people about themselves. I don't want to see those used in news stories, or by straight people, though, because yes, they have way too often been accompanied by beatings, firings and other nasty anti-gay crap.

Young queer people who don't understand that to many older men "queer" is as potent and negative as the n-word need to be educated about that. I'm not bothered by the word, but then I've never been beaten by gay bashers. I have total respect for men who have survived gay bashings, and am happy to do what I can to avoid triggering their memories and feelings of going through that.

Steve Fan said...

Really enjoying Steve Kmetko’s podcast.

He shares a lot about his struggles, but also has really engaging discussions with famous actors.

Jaradon said...

If you are referring to the Q word I refused to use it! Yes call me a boomer I don't care