Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Remains of the Day (02/14)

The Advocate: Steven Ostrow, creator of NYC's legendary Continental Baths, dead at 91 ... and read about my visit to its hallowed ground on the Upper West Side of Manhattan HERE.

Ball Boys: When Harry Met Rally (podcast)

Hot Cat of the Day: Become ungovernable 



Erblin Nushi's "I Love You More," starring Luan Jaha, Don Shalia, Leonik Sahiti and Irena Aliu, is in select theaters and available on demand (VOD) now.

Synopsis: After a year of online pillow-talk, Ben, a shy Kosovar teen, is exhilarated to finally meet his first (but secret) love, Leo. Consumed with passion, Ben carefully weaves the plans and cover-story for his much desired romantic tryst with Leo who is arriving from Germany in just one month. Everything must be perfect. Great news, Ben’s mother surprises him and the family with a life-changing opportunity, but he just can’t take it yet. He must meet Leo. Watch the trailer HERE.


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Jaradon said...

My love life could be better-Carl Nassib who has very large hands seems to be single again- or at least he hasn't posted any new photos with his swimmer boyfriend...