Friday, July 30, 2021

Song of the Day: 'W.M.' (Initial Talk Remix) by Tom Aspaul Featuring Kim Wilde

Here are a couple of fun ones for fellow Kim Wilde fans: Both are collaborations with Tom Aspaul, an openly gay writer, producer and performer who has penned songs for a host of artists including Kylie Minogue. "W.M." is my favorite of the two, which is a remix of a song that originally appeared on Tom's solo debut, "Black Country Disco." (He followed it up with remix album, cleverly titled "Black Country Discotheque.") And the second is a new track included on Kim's upcoming retrospective, "Pop Don't Stop," due Aug. 6.

This whole arrangementt reminds me a bit of another talented gay musician getting to work with his dream diva -- Mr. Gabe Lopez, who wrote and produced the track "Sun" a few year ago for Belinda Carlisle who returned the favor. Didn't I hear murmurs of another collaboration between those two?

Tom Aspaul: "W.M." featuring Kim Wilde (Initial Talk Remix)

Kim Wilde: "You're My Karma" featuring Tom Aspaul

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