Thursday, July 30, 2020

Song of the Day: 'I Go Crazy' by Flesh for Lulu

With thanks to my brother Terence, who shared this '80s favorite the other night on Facebook. Two notable things come to mind about this song:

1. I loved it so much I bought the 45, which is in a box on the shelf in my bedroom closet, the only remnants of my million-dollar record collection.

2. It was on the soundtrack to the first John Hughes film I didn't see in the theater, after a remarkable run of teen classics. I was already in college by the time "Some Kind of Wonderful" came out, which was probably part of the reason. And not unlike the producers of "Back to the Future," Eric Stoltz -- out of a craniodiaphyseal dysplasia makeup, at least -- never did anything for me. (Ditto for Mary Stuart Masterson and Lea Thompson.)

Years later, I ended up loving a show he was on called “Out of Order,” which featured an eclectic cast including Justine Bateman and Peter Bogdanivich. Why wasn’t that picked up for more than six episodes. (At least the subway ad campaign stuck around a few years.)

I think I've now seen most of “Wonderful” on cable over the years, but never from start to finish. Let me know if I'm missing some kind of masterpiece.


JimmyD said...

You clearly didn't have any lesbian friends at the time of its release!
How many times did I get dragged to see it? Well... maybe three... but still!!

jd1row said...

the entire soundtrack is amazing! One of my all time favorites