Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/27)

Page Six: Everything about this story is exhausting

Towleroad: Say goodbye to LGBTQ rights -- Justice Anthony Kennedy to resign

JoeMyGod: Ohio's House approves GOP bill that would make it legal to deny wedding venues to gay couples

Daily Intel: Illegitimate Supreme Court topples precedent to hobble public unions

Baseline: Caroline Wozniacki usually goes for a much bigger scoop than Denis

BosGuy: Speedo boys: "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"

Boy Culture: Kathy Griffin slays Carnegie Hall

Dlisted: Jackson family patriarch and all-around monster Joe Jackson is dead at 89

Instagram: Canadian skating hunk Eric Radford shows off his Pride in nude undies

Gothamist: How Gramercy Park became a private playground for NYC's elite

Curbed: Remembering New York City's "el"-evated era

Back2Stonewall: American Family Association hate group starts selling "Christian" soap

The Daily News: Driver in deadly car attack at Charlottesville rally hit with federal hate crime charges

Metrosource: "That Summer" documentary takes you back before "Grey Gardens"

OMG Blog: Hugh Grant and Pops watched his recent gay sex scene (with his ex-military father in the room) and there was Vaseline involved

NewNowNext: Colorado businessman Jared Polis on track to become first openly gay man elected governor

Outsports: Sexy Israeli pro wrestling champ comes out as gay

Hot Cat of the Day: I totally need to meet my pal Joe's little Henry!


detroit bob said...

One happy kitty and daddy

John Mundy said...

And now Daniel can have fun at Lazy Bear this summer with no pangs of guilt. So fetch!