Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/27)

The New York Times: I've always said most actors are cast for who they are, not how they act -- and this interview with Lauren Ambrose was like catching up with Claire Fisher

Hunk du Jour: Anthony Gallo really does these Polo slip briefs justice

HuffPost: Gay GOP group leader still believes Crazy Donald is a"pro-LGBT" president(!)

The Wall Street Journal: U.N. report links North Korea to Syrian chemical weapons

The Guardian: Slovakian journalist investigating claims of tax fraud linked to ruling party shot dead

The WoW Report: Barbra Streisand reveals she had her dog cloned -- TWICE

Metrosource: Just how many "unseen" photos of Marilyn Monroe still exist?

Boy Culture: How do we feel about the "Heathers" reboot headed to television?

Vice: Streaking makes a comeback

Daily Intelligencer: GOP Senator Bob Corker decides to retire (this time for real)

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jaragon said...

Mr Balaban has a great page and he gets to hang out with Russell Tovey...