Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trail of Jeers

If you're gonna do this, at least get him to go shirtless like Gus Kenworthy

Hilary Duff is being assailed for her choice of Halloween costume. But forgive me if I got a little distracted by her new trainer boyfriend, Jason Walsh, who famously got Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux, Milo Ventimiglia and John Krasinski so ripped. (If I find out he also did Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth then I'll have gay-lust-bingo!) Girl has good taste in MEN!

She's sorry, btw.

See what Jason's ass looks like out of those dress pants HERE!


James Dwight Williamson said...

Damn, that is one fine ass sure beats the link from thi a.m. He is a ass eaters dream!

Unknown said...

I don't understand why there is controversy. She's a pilgrim and he's an Indian (Native American in today-speak). It's almost Thanksgiving and those are iconic figures in our history. They are not mocking or deriding anyone. So what's the issue?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@macguffin Fifty four: I totally agree. I guess my niece should be killed for being in the school play, too!

satellite attendant said...

He is a caricature of an native american, a group of people who we committed genocide against in the early years of our nation. Dressing up as a "pilgrim and indian" should be a common sense no to anyone with a grasp of history. What about blackface? How about a nazi and some jews as a cute outfit?

I get that we have a sort of fascination/reverence for native american culture, while at the same time watching (at this very moment) native nations being attacked on their lands in North Dakota. We somehow refuse to look at our legacy when it comes to the Native nations.