Friday, August 28, 2015

Stephen Colbert Moves Into the Ed Sullivan Theatre

Excited for Stephen Colbert, although it looks weird for David Letterman not to be there anymore. Used to work across the street -- we all ate at Hello Deli every afternoon -- and could never imagine Dave ever going away. Now with him, Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler and "The Colbert Report" all off the air, my DVR is feeling awfully lonely at night.


das buut said...

I'll give his first episode a try. If he pulls the same 'like me, please, like me, for god's sake, LIKE ME!!!!' that Fallon and Kimmel do, or the same tired monologue, guest, guest, musical guest, that's been standard, I won't be able to watch another episode. I love Stephen Colbert for the Colbert Report, Daily Show, and Strangers With Candy. He's popular for being the antitheses of whatever format he takes on. I know, that's why I love him.

Peter Maria said...

@das buut, I get your point. The standard late night format is rather stale. I really liked Craig Ferguson initially because he sort of broke with that a bit, in that his monologues practically became 20 minute stand-up bits, and then spent a lot of time in his interviews. I kind of lost interest after he began overusing that robot skeleton thing, and other late night tropes like letters and musical acts.

However, I wonder if people will watch, if he varies too much from what is expected of late night. There are so many of them on now, all pretty much interchangeable (to me, anyway), that if that is what the people really want, then they can find it elsewhere.

I certainly wish him well, and will check him out. I'm going to give him more than just the initial ep, tho, as sometimes things do need to get kinks worked out. Meanwhile, I am waiting for Chelsea Handler to return (I think to Netflix?).