Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Raising Arizona

The salted-caramel bundt cake my sister and I made for Mom's birthday. It only took 19 hours ...

Clearly parenting would not have been my calling: My sister just got a call that her 8-year-old daughter, Ally (above), got in trouble for "running" in the lunch room yesterday and again today for moving her "merit clip" up the board twice when she was only being recognized once.  Turns out the witnesses later admitted she had in fact been skipping and the girl who told on her about the merit clip move is a notorious goody-two-shoes. Note to Mrs. Bailey: in the future, be more specific when questioning my niece -- she WASN'T running -- and as for the merit clip, I commend Ally's moxie. I'd have done same thing to make up for the trumped-up running charge she had to plea to. Everybody be knowin' that snitches are bitches anyway, y'all!

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