Saturday, February 01, 2014

'Stranger' in the Night

It's after midnight and I'm just home from seeing the French film "Stranger by the Lake," which follows the lives of a small community of men who cruise a wooded area one summer in France. When Franck, a sweet young man looking for love in the all the wrong places, falls for the mysterious and dashing Michel, things take a dark turn. Wasn't prepared for something so intense and unsettling -- in a good way. And I don't think I've ever seen such graphic sex in a non-XXX film before. Strongly recommend -- the less you know going in the better -- and the male leads are both incredibly handsome.


StreetLounge said...

Ha, that's funny, I just saw advertisement for the movie 2 days ago and I definitely wanna see it! :)

edmcan said...

I just saw it-what an interesting resolution.

Mike said...

I just "Netflixed" this one and had to watch it 3 times. Interesting. Definitely interesting. Like you, Kenneth, I don't want to say too much. And I've never seen sex -- either gay or straight -- that graphic outside of porn. The DVD offers no "director commentary" but there is an interview with the director which offers some insights and makes some observations. This film is moody, atmospheric, dark and French. I also noticed there is no musical score -- there's no music at all. I liked this film a great deal but it is something of an acquired taste. If you hadn't mentioned this film, Kenneth, I might have missed it. Thank you for that.