Thursday, September 27, 2012

John Travolta On Top

Talk about balls. The guy who wrote "You'll Never Spa in This Town" -- a book that claims John Travolta  frequented gay bathhouses -- tried to sue the actor for libel(!) after Travolta's lawyer sent out a letter questioning author Robert Randolph's mental health, in an obvious attempt to discredit the book. The judge agreed with Travolta that the letter was protected by the First Amendment, although I'm fairly certain Randolph isn't a "public" figure, which means the First Amendment only works as a shield when what you're saying is in fact true. (Ouch.) My take-away: Don't ever rub Scientologists the wrong way. Read HERE.

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Anonymous said...

When you write and manage to get published a book gossiping about famous people, then seek to promote that book in the media, you've made yourself a public figure.