Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chris Long Sports a 'Stache

Holy 1977, guys: The return of the mustache seems to be for real -- and not just on hipsters. Saw lots of 'em at the Gay Pride parade last weekend, and jocks seem to be on-board, too. First Mets slugger Daniel Murphy tried one on for size. Now St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long, famous for his enormous schlong, is looking mighty fine in a 'stache/love patch combo. He's a regular chip of the old block, that one. You may remember dad Howie briefly sported a thick 'stache when he was playing for the L.A. Raiders in the early '90s -- someone invite to a family dinner over there! Photo from HERE.

1 comment:

SFRowGuy said...

...And the porn-stache will rise again... (You can thank David Anthony for this. mmmmm David Anthony)