Friday, October 28, 2011

Jack Is Back!!!

If you're a cat freak like me, then you've no doubt been following the horrifying disappearance of Jack the Cat, who went missing at JFK airport two months ago after his owner boarded a flight for California and someone at American Airlines somehow let him out of his carrier. (Jack's brother, Barry, arrived on the West Coast unscathed. ) Jack miraculously turned up this week -- he dropped from a ceiling tile on Tuesday! -- but is in critical condition after spending two harrowing months in hiding with no food or water. It's being reported that the little guy is showing signs of improvement -- including "more interest in food"; apparently fatty liver syndrome sets in with starvation -- but his vet says that while he may be out of the ceiling, he's not out of the woods just yet. Here's sending my best to owner Karen Pascoe -- talk about a parent's worst nightmare -- and to her furry friend. Get well soon, Jack!

For all the latest, check out the feline's Facebook page HERE.

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