Monday, February 28, 2011

Leading Men of the 2011 Oscars

Yet another dreadful Oscars. James Franco destroyed his alt-hip image with a bladeless performance (could he have looked more distracted?), and Anne Hathaway confirmed why she is SO WRONG for the role of Catwoman. (And can we move the Oscars to January so we don't know who will win EVERY single award but one?) But despite the show's many obvious shortcomings, there was still plenty to look at on the red carpet:

Hugh Jackman, who got more screen time than the actual hosts (I'm not complaining)

Armie Hammer, the boy most likely to ...

Jesse Eisenberg's status hasn't changed all year

Colin Firth finally got what he deserved

Mark Ruffalo: the man is more than all right

Josh Brolin (where was his wife, did he put her in the hospital again?)

Andrew Garfield: I don't "get" this kid, and neither does his hairstylist

Javier Bardem looks like he may have eaten a celebratory cake a bit prematurely

Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg: The younger older brother came out on top

Justin Timberlake sure looked like he was having a good time during the ceremonies (cute!)

Josh Hutcherson (no idea who he is, but he's cute) : This kid is all right!

Daphne Zuniga and friend: funnest party crashers ever!


Adam said...

Josh Hutcherson plays Laser in The Kids Are All Right.

Aaron said...

Andrew Garfield is fine good actor. He won a leading male bafta for "Boy A." He was also amazing in "Away We Go."
Josh Hutcherson was the son of the lesbian couple in "The kids are alright."

Paula O'Brien said...

Excellent choices. I believe you're the only person to ever cut Penelope Cruz OUT of a picture!

Anonymous said...

For god sake someone give Garfield a sandwich! The show was awful. I also do not get catwoman.