Friday, January 28, 2011

The Pee-Bow Pack

In the early oughts, I was a member of what has become known as the Pee-Bow Pack. (If you are unclear what a pee-bow is, just look down the next time you use a urinal.) The term was introduced to a former female coworker of mine by a chain-restaurant manager in Kentucky while she was training on bathroom duty as part of her hostess responsibilities ("Make sure you use the brush to get all them pee-bows"). My pal burst into tears -- so they "promoted" her to being a server instead.

My friend -- whose grandmother was famously too cheap to buy a wheelchair so rode around in a shopping cart with the front end sawed off -- remembers it this way:

"It was a classy establishment called the Italian Oven. I was promoted from hostess to server since servers did not have to clean the bathrooms, which included pee-bow removal and replacing the plastic grates at the bottom of the urinals. The plastic grates were horrible but the pee-bow removal is what brought on the tears."

I miss you Amy -- and all of you guys!


Rog said...

Still unclear on the concept of "peebo" after reading this item, I consulted the Urban Dictionary, where it's defined as an unwanted erection that is visible through one's pants (particularly shorts). So...tell us more about the Peebo Pack! LOL

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

It's a stray pubic hair. WHY or HOW this woman in Kentucky came up with that "polite" name for them is unclear -- and HILARIOUS!!!