Friday, January 28, 2011

The Pee-Bow Pack

In the early oughts, I was a member of what has become known as the Pee-Bow Pack. (If you are unclear what a pee-bow is, just look down the next time you use a urinal.) The term was introduced to a former female coworker of mine by a chain-restaurant manager in Kentucky while she was training on bathroom duty as part of her hostess responsibilities ("Make sure you use the brush to get all them pee-bows"). My pal burst into tears -- so they "promoted" her to being a server instead.

My friend -- whose grandmother was famously too cheap to buy a wheelchair so rode around in a shopping cart with the front end sawed off -- remembers it this way:

"It was a classy establishment called the Italian Oven. I was promoted from hostess to server since servers did not have to clean the bathrooms, which included pee-bow removal and replacing the plastic grates at the bottom of the urinals. The plastic grates were horrible but the pee-bow removal is what brought on the tears."

I miss you Amy -- and all of you guys!


  1. Still unclear on the concept of "peebo" after reading this item, I consulted the Urban Dictionary, where it's defined as an unwanted erection that is visible through one's pants (particularly shorts). So...tell us more about the Peebo Pack! LOL

  2. It's a stray pubic hair. WHY or HOW this woman in Kentucky came up with that "polite" name for them is unclear -- and HILARIOUS!!!