Friday, December 31, 2010

Revenge of the Winklevi

Can a sequel to "The Social Network" be far behind? The New York Times is reporting that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss say misinformation led them to agree to a $65 million deal with Facebook and they now want to undo the settlement. Generally speaking, I have a big problem with people trying to back out of such agreements -- which are by definition not exactly what someone wants, but what they're willing to accept. But every case is different -- new information can taint things -- and with "The Social Network" likely to be my No. 1 movie for 2011 (check back next week after I've seen "Blue Valentine"), I wouldn't mind a second helping of this offline drama!

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Anonymous said...

I thought "The Social Network" was brilliant!!Well made and superbly acted!! Gets my vote as one of the New Year's BEST!!