Wednesday, September 29, 2010

RIP, 'Lone Star'

As expected, "Lone Star" was canceled yesterday -- after just two episodes -- making it the first casualty of the 2010-11 television season. I suppose it's better now than later, but am I the only one who remembers that it took "Seinfeld" several seasons to even crack the Top 30 and wasn't No. 1 until Season 6? And let's not even talk about how inferior the later "must-see" years were compared with the "unpopular"seasons.

The biggest show of "the '90s" actually began in the '80s, as "The Seinfeld Chronicles."


Mike said...

No, Kenneth, you are NOT the only one who remembers how long it took "Seinfeld" to crack the top 30 or that it wasn't until season 6 that it was a #1 show. NBC, however, gave it a chance and it garnered a bunch of Emmy nominations in its first couple of years which allowed them to stick with it. (Same thing with "Hill Street Blues" many years before "Seinfeld".) "Lone Star" was great (kind of a crazy plot but, dammit, it worked) and it had some tough competition, including the infernal "Dancing With The Stars". ~sigh~ I wish FOX had more backbone and would give it a chance. My only complaint about "Long Star"? No self-respecting Texas man is gonna mow the lawn shirtless in his chinos, for goodness' sake. No. He's gonna wear a well-worn t-shirt from his college alma mater (SMU, TCU, TT, UT, A&M, et al) OR his Cowboys jersey (with Roger Staubach's or Troy Aikman's number) and his old gym shorts.

(And Kenneth, if any of my punctuation or spelling is incorrect, please, be gentle.)

Jay said...

that totally sucks! can't another network pick it up? what can we do?? who can we complain to???

Joe said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but I never saw a single late night appearance promoting the show by any of the actors. What's up with that? I think that if James would have dropped by Leno or Letterman his charm and good looks would have drawn in more viewers.
I will miss "Lone Star". I thought it had an interesting plot and I was curious about how it would all play out. What a shame!