Friday, November 27, 2009

Jacked Up

Reliving my college days in Tempe with two tacos for 99 cents. Yum!


Eps said...

Those are my favorite greasy food. They left Chicago..grab it whenever I see Jack when I'm out of town.

Anonymous said...

Ah the after after hours (at the DDP (desert dance palace) aka Hotbods - OK could someone come up with a worse club name? -- where was I, oh yes @ Jacque's) spent in Jack in the box drive thru ordering a chicken supreme, onion rings, taco (these were years before they felt compelled to add the adjective 'monster' (que rico)) all for 3 bucks and some change - well that hasn't changed in all these years - hurrying back to Best Hall before the food got cold or the roommate 'barfed' in the back seat of my Mustang. Ah the good times.

Anonymous said...

A chicken fajita with no onions - you must be from New York. I betcha hate picante sauce too. I mean salsa (America's # 1 condiment!). Que lastima!