Wednesday, August 30, 2006

David Barton Uncut

In July, TV Guide reported that A.C. Slater Mario Lopez was going to play an "infuriatingly fit" gay plastic surgeon who has an erotic encounter at the gym with Julian McMahon's character on the FX hit Nip/Tuck. I've never watched this show before but something suddenly tells me it's high time I started. See the rest of the pix here (via here).


Ryan said...

This is seriously one of the best television shows on television today. It is well written and acted. I would recommend placing the these dvd's on your netflix account to be sent out, or going to your local video rental outlet.

Anonymous said...

I second that opinion. I happened to catch the very first episode and was hooked. Fantastic show.

Anonymous said...

Most recently, Mario was playing a doctor named Christian Ramirez on The Bold and The Beautiful. I guess likes playing the doc types. ;)