Thursday, July 27, 2006

Page 1 Consider (07/27)

  • Battle of the Bellies: Fernando Gonzalez, of Chile, defeated Marat Safin, of Russia, in the Pretty Boy Second Round Challenge in Los Angeles. (Reuters)

  • Idea Theft: Who knew that Greg Kinnear invented "America's Funniest Home Videos"?! (NYT)

  • Prince: The Artist Formerly Known as Married. (Irish Examiner)

  • Drama Queen: How does Generation Y refer to starvation? "Overheated." (Reuters)

  • Astor's Place: The socialite Brooke Astor is supposedly living like a normal person -- call social services! (NYDN)

  • Reality Check: I don't buy that there's much reality in shows like "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach," but star Lauren "LC" Conrad and her producer, Adam DiVello, beg to differ: "Everything they are going through is real. She's really moved up here, she's really moved into that apartment, and Heidi is her best friend, and Audrina lives in the building, and Whitney is her fellow intern," says DiVello, when asked if there is any point where reality ends and scripting takes over. "We film with them for extremely long periods of time, so we do capture everything as it happens, but we have to mold that into a story, of course." Does LC check out what people are saying about her online? "I used to .... but they are really brutal. So, no. They don't have too much nice to say ... but it's like anything else, people love you or they hate you." (AP)
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