Thursday, July 27, 2006

Miss You Blind

Back in 1998 the four original members of Culture Club had a wonderful reunion album and tour (I saw them at Radio City and it's a night I'll never forget). It was a modest success that healed a lot of wounds from their tumultuous '80s breakup, then the guys again went their separate ways. Jump ahead to 2006 and the '80s nostalgia craze is at an all-time high: so what are two of the band's members trying to do? They've decided to cash in once more -- only this time they don't even have Boy George onboard. These fake reunions are sad enough when a band loses its singer to death and hires a new vocalist (INXS, Queen), but shenanigans like this are just plain pathetic (ditto for the "new" Cars). Like there aren't enough actual '80s band reunions going on?

Culture Club remainders Mikey Craig (bass) and Jon Moss (drums/anal sex) -- claiming to be the "original members" even though guitarist Roy Hay is conspicuously not involved -- ran an ad looking for a new vocalist recently that read: "The original members of Culture Club are searching for a unique star vocalist with a brilliant voice, boy or girl, to take part in a 2007 World Tour and TV series. NOT, repeat NOT a karaoke Boy George 'lookalike' but a charismatic and unique performer in his or her own right with something truly fresh, contemporary and original to offer." Who did they come up with? Sam (below, left). I think it's pretty safe to say they had no qualms about a karaoke Marilyn "lookalike" ...

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